Kwalee Quiz: Lizzie Stabler

In the latest staff interview our Brand Evangelist, Lizzie, tells us about adapting her media background to games marketing.

What is your first gaming memory?

My dad bought an Amstrad Mega PC when I was about 5. This was a computer which could play SEGA Mega Drive cartridges. I would play hours of Revenge of Shinobi, Sonic The Hedgehog and Streets of Rage with my older sister.

What made you want to work in the video game industry?

I wanted to expand my career path and tackle a new challenge. I made a spontaneous jump into something which I am not familiar with, but which I am very eager to learn more about. I have always admired the games industry because of its fast growth and regular improvements in games platforms. It is not an industry which is going to disappear anytime soon so there are good career prospects in games.

What did you study at university?

I studied Journalism and Media at Coventry University and graduated just last year. I wanted to study in a creative environment and learn about video production and broadcast journalism, rather than just writing, which is the single focus of many Journalism courses.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in PR?

With any career, you need to have experience and be willing to gain unpaid experience. I did that working for a concierge company in London for a month. Sometimes the only reward is the experience. Fortunately, my university encouraged work placements during each module. This gave me work experience in print and radio, before I had even finished my studies.

What is your favourite video game and why?

Super Mario Land 2 for the Nintendo GameBoy. My parents got me a GameBoy for Christmas when I was about eight and it was my first portable games console. I didn’t stop playing the game until I had finished it – I was so addicted! I always wanted a Nintendo 64 too, so that I could play a Mario game on the TV.

I can’t help but imagine that this is how Lizzie would react if she was bought an N64!

How did you come to work at Kwalee?

Like many graduates in the current economic climate, I applied for many jobs in the Midlands. The Brand Evangelist job at Kwalee was advertised by my university on their careers advice page, and I was fortunate enough to get offered an interview. The rest is history, as they say.

What is your favourite thing about working at Kwalee?

I learn something new every day, either about games or about marketing. I’m discovering how games are made, right down to minute details, such as the hardware that artists use to create the graphics. Working in a small team allows everyone to feel like an important asset to the company. It’s also a bonus having regular visits from Cake Lady, and teaching the dev team my Yorkshire lingo!

Who do you think will be the first to beat David Darling in Kwalee Table Tennis?

The dark horse, Jay Lytwynenko. She hasn’t played at all so far, but that’s just because she is hiding her secret talents!