Kwalee Table Tennis – Jan’ 2012

As well as putting hard work into awesome new iPhone games, the Kwalee staff love to let off steam with a game of Table Tennis at our office table.

Our CEO, David Darling, has taken to encouraging healthy competition and has created a monthly Kwalee Office Table Tennis Championship. Almost everyone in the office is taking part, with David himself the favourite to win.

Here is how the tournament went down in January. Each match was the best of three games.

Quarter final 1:  David Darling vs. Richard Trinder

After David, Office Manager Richard was probably second favourite to win the tournament. The first game was very tight, with David eventually winning 21-19. Sadly, Richard couldn’t quite hold onto David in game two as David’s ability to wear his opponent down showed in a 21-14 victory which saw him through to the semis.

Quarter final 2: Nick Verigakis vs Joe Barron

Our first Developer vs Marketing grudge match! Programmer vs Community Evangelist. Joe made a fantastic start, winning the first game 21-11, but some clumsy play in game two allowed Nick to close the gap. Eventually though, Joe rediscovered his early form to take a 21-14 win for Marketing and advance to the semis, to face David.

Quarter final 3: James Munro vs Mark Oxenham

James is quickly establishing himself as a dark horse in Kwalee Office Table Tennis. His first game against Mark was a convincing 21-12 win and he went on to absolutely demolish his development colleague in the second game, winning 21-4. The biggest win yet!

Quarter final 4: Alexei Lundgard vs Lizzie Stabler

Our second Development vs Marketing match started with a close-fought battle with Brand Evangelist, Lizzie, beating Artist, Alexei 21-17. Lizzie’s tennis background shone through in the second game, allowing her to easily win 21-9. She will play James in the second semi final. Amazingly, none of our “best of three” quarter finals went to three games!

Semi final 1: David Darling vs Joe Barron

Our tournament favourite made light work of this semi final, sweeping Joe aside with a 21-7, 21-6 victory. David always makes his opponent play one extra shot, resulting in plenty of errors from Joe, which handed the win to the Kwalee CEO.

Semi final 2: James Munro vs Lizzie Stabler

James’ speedy play proved to be too much for Lizzie in the second semi-final, allowing him to take the win, 21-11, 21-10 and head into the final to face David

Table tennis

FINAL: David Darling vs James Munro

It was the hot favourite, versus the dark horse. David quickly gathered momentum in the first game, breezing through for a 21-5 win. However, it was a different tale at the beginning of game two. To his surprise, David found himself trailing after James unleashed his now famous fast shots. For a moment, it looked like we might be heading to our first three game match, but David quickly regrouped and produced his finesse to win the second game 21-9 and take glory in the first ever Kwalee Office Table Tennis Championship.

Can anyone stop the David Darling juggernaut next month? Come back to to find out!

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