Tales from the code mines: No.2

Kwalee programmer, James Munro, brings us an awesome video showcasing the development progress on Vegemite.

Missed part 1? Find it here.

This week I wanted to share a video that highlights some of the development work we’ve been doing behind the scenes. The video is generated from our SVN activity over the course of the Vegemite project using the Gource visualisation tool, rendered to a video file using the ffmpeg2 command-line tool.

Its a dramatised visualisation of what actually happens. You may be disappointed to discover that we don’t zoom around the office shooting lasers out of our heads on a daily basis (as this tends to make us unpopular with the neighbours). The “lasers” represent check-ins of work to our repository. The blobs and the overall layout of the structure you see in the video is derived from the files and directories in our repository (development branches included). Unfortunately I needed to remove the filenames from the visualisation as these might have given the game away! Each 1.5 seconds of video represents 1 day of our development time, ranging from early November right up to last Friday (17th Feb).

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, you search for “Gource” on YouTube to see many other videos of repository visualisations. If you’re curious about creating your own video I recommend you check out the official Gource website and its accompanying documentation.

Look for more tales from the code mines soon.

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