Now Playing – 05/03/2012

At Kwalee we are making iPhone games, but our staff love to play console and PC games in their spare time too. Here is what we have been playing this week.

Andrew Graham – Gameplay Guru

The Guru has mostly been playing smartphone games for research of late, but he’s also found time for a spot of Portal 2. I wonder what Micro Machines would have been like with portals!

Mark Oxenham – Lead Programmer

Mark has been continuing his love affair with Team Fortress 2 on PC. For some reason, he seems to play more TF2 just after he has bought a new game. He has no idea why this happens!

James Munro – Programmer

James has something of a gaming backlog to get through at the moment. He is currently slogging his way through alien terror-fest, Dead Space 2. James’ stack of unplayed games from 2011 is so out-of-hand that he has vowed not to buy anything new until he has finished everything that he bought last year.

Nick Verigakis – Programmer

Since the success of Double Fine’s new adventure game funding drive on, Nick has been indulging in retro point-and-click adventures. He is currently playing Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers on PC.

Jay Lytwynenko – Artist

Its been something of a Nintendo binge this week for Jay. She’s playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Wii, Pokemon Black and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on DS. Jay certainly loves her Japanese adventure games!

Alexei Lundgard – Junior Artist

Alexei seems to have an addiction problem with Star Trek Online. Since this game went free-to-play on PC he has been playing non-stop, but then he is a massive Trekkie. He even wears a Star Trek watch to work!

Joe Barron – Community Evangelist

Sports games on the Xbox 360 dominated Joe’s weekend. He has been playing an insane amount of FIFA 12 with Mark Craven, the editor of They have even been documenting some of their match highlights on YouTube. Joe has also been playing the latest entry in the SSX snowboarding series.

Lizzie Stabler – Brand Evangelist

Lizzie, like Nick, has been keeping it retro, breaking out her GameBoy Pocket to play Donkey Kong Land 3. A great way to spend your Saturday afternoon!

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