Most wanted games of 2012: No.1

Kwalee Junior Artist, Alexei Lundgard, on his most anticipated game of 2012.

There are quite a few games I cannot wait to play but there are few which I will buy on release day. One of those few is Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Ever since the first Alien film I have been hooked on the series. Ridley Scott created an epic movie; brilliantly shot, suspenseful and scary as hell! The most iconic movie monster was born! Then James Cameron turned it upside-down with the sequel, Aliens, one of the best action films of all time. It had hundreds of xenomorphs, space marines and of course the Alien Queen! It was a perfect blend of sci-fi and action, with a spice of horror as the cherry on top.

Naturally a myriad of Aliens-inspired games followed. There were several successful arcade releases from Konami and Capcom, lots of home console and PC games and most recently the Aliens vs Predator series. Some games were good and managed to capture the films’ atmosphere but they never managed to replicate the space-marine bravado portrayed in James Cameron’s film. If you did play as a space marine it was always on your own. The notion of teamwork to survive was lost.

Alexei's own Alien drawing

Alexei's own Alien drawing

Aliens: Colonial Marines – an upcoming title from Gearbox Software and published by SEGA aims to put the focus back on surviving with your comrades.

The visuals look phenomenal and capture the look of the film very closely. The iconic setting of planet LV-426 is there, as are the space marines. You work together with your friends and AI-controlled marines to survive. You can weld doors shut to hinder xenomorph advances and place automatic turrets to protect unmanned corridors. The only indication of the alien threat is the iconic motion tracker – that steady “beep, beep, beep” to tell you that death is coming.

Remember: short, controlled bursts and keep an eye on the ceiling

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