Now Playing 20/03/2012

What the Kwalee staff have been playing this week.

Andrew Graham – Gameplay Guru

Our king of prototyping is still spending most of his time researching iOS games, so much so that he now has a huge stack of shrink-wrapped Xbox 360 games sitting next to his TV at home! Andrew has just bought a new PC too, so the chances of his Xbox backlog getting any smaller are looking slim.

Mark Oxenham – Lead Programmer

Mark is continuing his love affair with Valve and hats, unable to tear himself away from Team Fortress 2.

James Munro – Programmer

This week has been phenomenally busy for the development staff, so personal gaming time has been a little limited. However, James did find a bit of time for Sky Gamblers on iOS.

Nick Verigakis – Programmer

Nick has been keeping it retro of late and this week is no exception. He has been playing Tim Schafer’s cult favourite, Psychonauts, on PC.

Steve Clark – Server Ninja

Our newest member of staff has been playing through Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on Xbox Live Arcade, as well as spending some quality time with his lady friend, playing co-op in Fable 2.

Jay Lytwynenko – Artist

Jay is still plodding through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Wii.

Alexei Lundgard – Junior Artist

Alexei is one of two members of the Kwalee team currently playing ThatGameCompany’s Journey on PlayStation 3. He has loved every second of it.

Joe Barron – Community Evangelist

Like Alexei, Joe has been playing Journey on PS3 and loving it. He also finished Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360 over the weekend and like many fans, was hugely disappointed by the game’s ending.

Lizzie Stabler – Brand Evangelist

Draw Something is Lizzie’s latest iOS addiction and she continues to create pretty long “streaks” with most of the other players in the office. She has also been playing physics puzzler, Cut the Buttons, which was recommended to her by Jay.

Tom Aherne – Finance Manager

Former Pro Evolution Soccer fan, Tom, has returned to football gaming with Real Football 2012 on Android, which he says has rekindled his nostalgia for long nights spent playing footie games with friends.

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