Press Release: Gobang goes bang!

Kwalee have celebrated the release of their first iOS game, Gobang Social, by blowing up, and utterly destroying, a brand New iPad.

Gobang Social

Using high explosives, then a pickaxe, the latest Apple iPad is seen broken up into numerous pieces.

The whole exciting event was captured for posterity on video and can be seen on the Kwalee YouTube channel here:

David Darling, Kwalee CEO, enjoyed the whole event:

“It was a great day out for our staff who had superb fun making the video. The explosion was really quite dramatic as it blew up the iPad, which was displaying the Gobang Social logo right up to the final second of its life”.

To compensate anyone who is upset at the destruction of this fine product of Apple’s genius, Kwalee are giving away a sweet prize to the lucky winner of a simple competition.

All you have to do is download the Gobang Social, and the person who wins games against the highest number of players, before the end of May, will win a cash prize of £399.*

Details of the competition can be found on the Kwalee website here:

Kwalee’s debut game, Gobang Social is available on the iPhone and iPad for free from the App Store. Download it now:

*Original prize has been changed to a cash equivalent.



•    The New iPad explosion video:

•    Competition details:

•    Download Gobang Social:

•    Behind the scenes Flickr photo album:


About: Kwalee is a startup company based in Leamington Spa to develop and publish apps for mobile devices. Founded by David Darling CBE who has many decades of experience at the top level of the video game industry with contributions to very many #1 games on many platforms in his CV.  Kwalee is different.  We seek to excite and entertain our customers with innovative new products that provide special experiences.  Our ethos is based around a set of core values that put the customer first and which harness the creative skills of our staff to the maximum in order to do so. Kwalee is still at its beginning and so is very actively recruiting those special people who want to join us in our exciting journey.

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