Now Playing: 16/03/2012

What the Kwalee staff have been playing this week.

Andrew Graham – Gameplay Guru

The man behind our super secret prototypes has expanded his horizons from his normal iOS game research this week. Andrew has found time for a spot of Minecraft on PC.

Mark Oxenham – Lead Programmer

Mark is finally taking a break from hat collecting in Team Fortress 2. This week he has been playing Kingdom Rush, a cool tower defence game which is available on iPad, or free-to-play in a web browser.

Nick Verigakis – Programmer

Sometimes, when you’re not feeling to well, its nice to spend some time with an old favourite. Nick went retro over the weekend while getting over a cold, playing Grim Fandango on PC.

Steve Clark – Server Ninja

Steve has been dipping into all sorts of games recently, from the manic crime shenanigans of Saints Row The Third, to free-running in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and running even more in Temple Run. He also took a leaf out of Nick’s book to go on an old school adventure in Day of the Tentacle.

Jay Lytwynenko – Artist

After several weeks, Jay has finally put down The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. She tried to play Silent Hill: Downpour but retreated to Bastion after she got a bit scared!

Alexei Lundgard – Junior Artist

Alexei is only the second person in the office to get stuck into Mass Effect 3 and he is really enjoying it. He has also swapped one PC multiplayer game for another, leaving Star Trek Online in favour of World of Tanks. Which is appropriate given his explosive behaviour last week!

Joe Barron – Community Evangelist

It comes as no surprise that Joe is unable to shift his sporting addictions. He is still playing F1 2011 and is continuing his FIFA 12 battles with Mark Craven from He is also playing Rock Band 3 with his girlfriend.

Tom Aherne – Finance Manager

Money man, Tom, is still drawing something in…erm…Draw Something.

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