Kickstarter and the return of retro

Kwalee Programmer, Nick Verigakis, speaks about the surprising return of “retro” games.

After the tremendous success of Double Fine’s Kickstarter campaign, a number of game developers from the eighties and nineties have also taken to funding new projects through their fans.

Kickstarter is a website which allows companies from any industry to outline a project and ask the public for funding contributions. The company sets a target figure and a date by which they expect to raise the amount. If they reach the target by that date they keep all of the money, including any extra which people may have pledged above the target. However, if they fail to reach the target level of investment they they do not receive any of the money at all.

Unlike traditional business investment, the backers on Kickstarter do not receive any share of the company, revenue or profits. However, most companies try to offer incentives to contribute, such as inviting backers behind-the-scenes on the project.

It is very interesting to see the new ideas proposed by the people who created some of my favorite games. A couple of these developers (including Tim Schafer’s Double Fine) are attempting to bring back the lost adventure game genre, however many other Kickstarter projects feature equally creative and original ideas.

Another interesting facet of this movement is the fact that the involved studios are going to release frequent updates on their games’ development. They are also asking for their backers’ feedback by performing surveys concerning their games’ direction. I am really curious to see how these projects are going to be brought to life.

So far I have backed four different Kickstarter games and I’m looking forward to their release. Retro game developers are coming back and are here to stay!

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