A winner is you!

Congratulations to John P. who has won a cash prize of £399 by playing Gobang Social!

John defeated 127 players in our multiplayer iPhone puzzle game to take the prize!

Here’s the thoughts of our winner:

I’m a sucker for turn-based strategy games and Gobang Social has been my compulsion of choice in recent weeks!

John Pickford  John Pickford

John and his brother, Ste, run Pickford Bros. an iPhone game studio, makers of Magnetic Billiards. They’ve been working in games since 1983!

Here is the final top 10 leaderboard from the contest. Number of wins against other players in brackets.

  1. John P. (127)
  2. Nick S. (114)
  3. Robert M. (81)
  4. Chris B. (52)
  5. Dale D. (50)
  6. Ryan A. (46)
  7. Sarah W. (41)
  8. Hans C. (25)
  9. Fernando I. (20)
  10. William C. (20)

We also had a staff tournament at the same time, which was won by Junior Artist, Alexei Lundgard!

Congratulations to John P. The Gobang Social master!

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