Games We Like

When we’re not working on Gobang Social, or PUSSY FLIP, we love nothing better than to play some awesome games.

Kwalee is joining fellow indie developers, The Pickford Bros, in their efforts to encourage small game developers to help promote each other’s games.

The Pickfords say:

The big idea behind ‘Games We Like’ is that it’s not cross-promotion as such. Nobody has to reciprocate the promotion given…It’s given for free, so it’s totally in the same spirit as indies helping each other out with technical and design problems, which they already do.

So, here are the latest Games We Like at Kwalee.

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Agent Dash

David and Jessie like Agent Dash.

Jessie: I want to beat my dad! He wins at everything and I want my turn!

Battle Nations

Alexei, James M. and Nick like Battle Nations.

Alexei: The 2.0 update for Battle Nations has added a new story arc and more exciting missions, capturing my attention again.

James M: I promised myself I wouldn’t get addicted, but it looks like I failed! I would like the game to have better Retina Display graphics though.

Nick: I really like the art style and playing real-time battles against other players.

CSR Racing

James H. and John like CSR Racing.

James H: Glitzy, pretty, sparkly things and shiny cars.

John: I love the car modding and customisation. Right up my street.

New Star Soccer

Joe (still) likes New Star Soccer.

I thought I was done with this game and then Simon Read added rebounds and new crossing scenarios. Now I’m hooked again!


Andrew likes Rolando.

I’ve only just discovered this, although its pretty old now. Its full of charm. I love the music, the graphical style, the control system and the bizarre premise.

Monster Life

Adam likes Monster Life.

Unusually for a Gameloft game, it’s charming and relatively original – a combination of town building, monster raising and Pokemon-style monster battles. The paper craft art style is lovely.

Subway Surfers

Pedro likes Subway Surfers.

A very simple, but very addictive “endless run” game. The cartoon graphics are very clear, making it easy to play.

Candy Shoot

Jay likes Candy Shoot.

Its basically a free version of Zuma. Its a classic puzzle game, but with larger playing boards than the original version for extra difficulty.

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