Kwalee game release pipeline update

To start with just a quick reminder that all Kwalee games are multiplayer, against other human opponents, using our own server technology. Our first two games, Gobang Social and Pussy Flip, were based on well known board games, so we could concentrate on all the other aspects of publishing on mobile. Subsequent games use our own, unique, game mechanics. We are trying to achieve the highest quality of gaming experience available on mobile phones and tablets.

There are four games in the pipeline that I can talk about at the moment:

Firstly we are bringing out a massive upgrade of Pussy Flip that will even have a name change! We attended the world championship in Holland for people who play this game competitively, for their countries.

We have taken the feedback from this and from other players as well as thinking up all the things that it is possible to do that we want to do ourselves and incorporated them into this massively enhanced new version for release at the end of January. One thing we have concentrated on is improving the player experience with new social features. The newly enhanced leader board is just one example of the direction we are going in.

Next is Farm Fighters from Adam Philbin’s Team Unicron. This is from the physics genre that is incredibly popular on smartphones, but with our own game mechanics that are on several different game levels and with a wacky, farm themed, sense of humour. This should appeal to a big audience and is just the sort of game to relieve the tedium of a daily commute. It really incorporates David Darling’s ethos that games should be fun! And it will be available for you to download for free in mid February.

Thirdly comes Andrew Graham’s Project Teapot which is just stunning. The game mechanic is so new and original that we could possibly get a software patent for it and the QA people who play it all the time say that it is the most fun iOS game they have seen (and they have seen a lot).

Like all Kwalee games this is being built up to be an enduring game with real substance to it so, whilst we have the mechanic working perfectly, it will take up to late spring to fill out all the game content. Eight months of prototyping went into finding and evolving the game mechanic so you can be sure that this game will be worth the wait.

Fourthly we hit something that is still shrouded in secrecy. David Darling mentioned it at the Launch conference in Birmingham and we are making an initial press release announcement next week that gives a little bit away. Once again we are doing something that is utterly new with a mechanic that could possibly be patented (or maybe several mechanics, such is the way this game works). What makes this game so special is that it makes use of the phone’s capabilities. This is not a game you could play on a home console.

Behind all of these games is the steady, relentless advance in the social gaming features of our own, proprietary, server software. This gives a whole raft of features that greatly enhance the overall gaming experience. Anyone who has played our games since Gobang Social 1.1 will know the vast enhancements that we have made and will have some idea where we are going next with this.

So we live in exciting times, what we are doing is at the very sharpest edge of software entertainment technology. We are looking to really push what can be done right to the limits in order to create the best, most fun gaming experience possible.

Bruce Everiss  By Bruce Everiss – CMO


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