Kickstarter is my favourite casino

When you go into a casino, you hear stories. Stories about the games that you are about to play: “If the ball lands on your number, you win” or “If you score 21, you win the hand” and let’s not forget “You put in a quarter and pull a lever; if you match 3, you win“.

We believe the story, we try to guess our chances, we place our bet and then hope to get the desired outcome(winning).

Kickstarter is I believe pretty much the same. People tell us the story of their product, service or in our case and interest, their game. They tell us how much they think is needed in terms of money and time to develop and who will be making the game. They tell us about the gameplay, the experience, the dream.

And then we pledge. We chip in. We put the money down and spin the wheel. And keep our fingers crossed that it’s gonna be a winner. The best part and the reason why Kickstarter is my favourite casino? Because the odds and the returns are better. You don’t get money, but you do get so much value even from “failed investments”

I would not be surprised if in a few years, projects will offer the possibility of buying shares on higher level tiers. After all, they are offering having a say or being a part of the project/game already.

If you have gambled recently in the Kickstarter casino, you might find the discussion on Slashdot very interesting.

I would also be interested to see what investments/gambles paid out. What have you pledged for recently?

Bruce Everiss  By Alex Bleau – The community dude

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