Sheep Costumes & Retro Games

Picture Above: David Fullick, David Darling, Natelie Griffith, Chris White MP Leamington, Dan Griffiths


Last week I was honoured to be invited to open a new exhibition space in my hometown of Leamington Spa. Backspace is a 2-week celebration of Leamington’s game makers with a focus on the past, the present and the future of the industry here in Leamington.

The first thing somebody said to me upon arrival was “oh no, I’m very disappointed you’re not wearing your sheep outfit”. For those of you who missed that rare sight there’s a nice little picture below for you to feast on, no laughing!

david3  david1

So why was I dressed as a sheep I hear you ask, well… in a nutshell – I’m not really sure. We make mobile games here at Kwalee and we like to have fun in the office so when a photo opportunity arose to publicise the Backspace events, myself and the guys in the marketing department just couldn’t help ourselves.

We thought why not promote our new game Farm Fighters, so 10 bags of cotton wool and 2 hours later there I was head to toe in a militarised sheep costume. Admittedly the strangest thing about all of it was the people of Leamington not even batting an eyelid to the outfit, I think maybe they were too busy looking at my rather clingy leggings!

This town really is a special place in terms of the innovation and expertise here, and myself and my brother Richard are proud to be a part of that history and also now having the opportunity to shape the future of this place we call Silicon Spa.

To see the game that influenced my dress sense CLICK HERE 

To see what we do when we’re not dressing up as animals CLICK HERE

To get involved with the Backspace Events CLICK HERE 


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