Kwalee Quarterly Team Building Event – Archery

Kwalee staff recently attended their quarterly team building event – Archery at Adventure Sports Ltd near Warwick.

This proved a very entertaining day out and consisted of a tutorial and practice session followed by a team competition. Staff were split into two groups to compete for office bragging rights for the sharpest shot in the West. Since all involved had been playing Farm Fighters so much over the last few months, aiming and firing at the animals (aka staff) on the other side came naturally to all involved!

On a slightly more serious note, the session was ended with an individual knock-out competition. Staff had to shoot at an ever narrowing target area. After several rounds, three remained – Adam Breeden (Level Designer), James Horn (Lead Artist) and David Smithson (Programmer). The minuscule inner gold ring was the target.

They all simultaneously took aim and the crowd went deadly quiet in anticipation.

After three loud twangs the winner had been swiftly decided – Adam! Ever modest in his success, Adam commented on his win “I was incredibly fortunate and right on the edge each round!”.

The day was finished off with a trip to the Saxon Mill for a late lunch and much needed refreshing beverage.

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