Kwalee Quarterly Team Building Event- Disc Golf

Today Kwalee Staff attended our quarterly team building event- Disc Golf!

The staff were split into teams of 4’s and 5’s (plus one dog) to play the 18 holes of boggy, bushy and ruthless wilderness that is the outskirts of leamington.

Discs were thrown, tempers lost and dreams shattered as the teams battled it out through the winds and (very light) rain.

On returning to the clubhouse we learned of strong scores from John Darling, Joe Carroll and James Horn, however Adam, the disc golf Veteran, came in with a much lower score and all seemed lost. If not for Hendrik Coppens, or as he will now be known, DK! (Disc King!) with a sensationally low 77. Meanwhile John, David Tom and Joe’s team took the team win with an average of 90.5.

At this point we realised that one team had not returned, Toby’s Team, rumour has it they are still drifiting down the river avon!

All in all a great day, with some excellent displays of frisbee skills!

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