Sneak peek of working in the gaming industry

Do you love games? Wouldn’t you like to be part of the process of creating them?

If you’re still not in the gaming industry now is a great moment to get into it!

According to Newzoo, games worldwide will generate over $99 billion in revenues in 2016, up 8.5% compared with last year. Mobile games has been on the rise for the past few years and for the first time will be larger than PC games with a 37% overall share of the global games market. And it will keep growing in the coming years.



But what  is the reality of working in the gaming industry? We’ve asked our team to give an insider perspective.

If you want to know what they think keep reading!

When asked about what they like the most about working in games they all agree on something, how much they love creating amazing experiences for everyone to enjoy and being able to interact with players.

But that’s not everything, they like that:

  • There’s always something new to learn.
  • The chance to find challenging problems, puzzles that you must solve using both logic and your creativity.
  • How  fresh and interesting the work is and that it keeps you motivated.
  • The sense of achievement when a  game is published and  players are enjoying it.

And within the industry why Kwalee? When we asked everyone at Kwalee why they would recommend working here, the answer is again unanimous and it’s because of the amazing, talented, fun and inspiring team. They agree that we have a strong, focussed and creative team with a wide mix of experience. Everybody has a voice and it gives room for  new ideas. But that’s not everything, they value the cutting edge technology, the recognition and reward that you get for your work and the possibility to work with some industry legends such as David Darling and Andrew Graham, among others.

Do you want to be part of this talented team and help us create amazing games? You can be involved in our new project PlayPhoto, a quiz game that you’re going to love.

Have a look at our career site to see the vacancies that we have and send us your cv!

Right now we’re looking for a Data Analyst and a User Acquisition Executive, but even if your experience doesn’t fit in those positions have a look at the rest of the vacancies , you never know when we’ll be looking for someone like you!


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