Kwalee Quarterly Team Building Event – Indoor Trampoline

Today Kwalee staff attended their quarterly team building event – Indoor Trampoline!

Everyone experienced the thrill of jumping between trampolines and even bouncing off the walls!

Balancing skills were tested on the twist ladder whilst aiming  to ring the bell at the top (though not many sounds came from that area). There was also the chance to play basketball while jumping! Much easier scoring that way.


A lot of competitiveness was  shown and as a result there were  many knock-outs on the battle beam, where the bravest ones fought above a gigantic foam pit.

After taking the chance to rest for a few minutes on  any stable surface that was available, everyone was back to the trampolines and split in two teams to play dodgeball, where clearly there were some settling of scores from the battle foam.




It was a fun day, with lots of laughing and jumping!

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