Creative Wednesdays are back!

At Kwalee we’ve resumed a great initiative that started a few years ago, although with some changes to make it even more exciting!

During the last 2 years the team has primarily focussed on developing PlayPhoto. Although creative thought and innovation were actively encouraged, Creative Wednesdays were put on hold until we had more free time to really enjoy it and explore the possibilities that it will bring.

That’s why now, after PlayPhoto’s worldwide release, Creative Wednesdays are back!

In addition to continuing regular updates of PlayPhoto, we also want to try new things and allow every member in the team to develop and express their creativity. So now everyone has one day per week to work on their own projects.

Every Wednesday can be used to brainstorm and prototype new ideas for mini games that could potentially be a success.



What are the requirements?

  • It needs to be possible to develop the mini game in 2 days.
  • The creator of the project needs to find volunteers to help develop the project.

Everyone gets involved with brainstorming, sharing ideas with as many staff as possible to know their thoughts and improve them.

At the end of the day, pitches to showcase the game ideas take place. Every presenter must give concise details about the game they want to create, the team required and even show a demo if it’s available. They need to convince everyone how awesome their game idea is!



After the pitch the rest of the team will ask questions and add their thoughts or comments about the game. A tough crowd!

Then everyone votes on whether they think the project is worth pursuing or not.



All the games with over a 70% acceptance rate are green-lit! That means the chance to develop it with a team of artists, designers and developers!

Exciting right?

Everyone can let their imagination fly and try to develop the game of their dreams (ok, that will depend on each one’s ambitions but a mini version of it!)


You can read here David Darling’s blog about this initiative.

Want to know more? You can read here how everything started.


Do you want to be part of this incredible team where you can be creative and be heard?

Check out our career website!

And if you can’t find the perfect role for you just send us your CV through our Talent Network, you never know when we’ll have some exciting opportunity for you!


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