Meet Our New Head of Casual Mobile Games at Kwalee

If you saw the news about our acquisition of Tictales, you’ll know that we are building on our hypercasual success by broadening into casual and hybrid-casual games. 

But what you won’t know, unless you’re one of our teammates, is that lots of exciting work is also being done behind the scenes with both internally and externally-developed casual titles. Now taking the lead with this is industry veteran Callum Godfrey, who has joined as Kwalee’s Head of Casual Mobile Games and is already hard at work on projects you’ll see on your mobile devices in the future.

Callum has been in the industry for over 20 years, beginning his career as a producer at Codemasters (where he first crossed paths with Kwalee CEO and Codemasters co-founder David Darling), before working for the likes of King, Activision, EA and Microsoft. 

He’s worked on franchises including Farm Heroes Saga and Call of Duty, across almost every platform and genre, but he’s particularly passionate about free-to-play casual mobile games and brings plenty of specialism in this area. 

“The welcome I have had since joining Kwalee has been one of the warmest and most positive of my career,” says Callum. “Everyone here is incredibly hungry to learn, lend a hand, push themselves beyond their comfort zones and to embrace change. Everything that’s said about the company culture at Kwalee, you can see lived by the team here day in and day out.”

Callum’s vision matches our own: to make great games that feel good and keep audiences excited every day. Keen to know him a little better? We asked him some quickfire questions about what he’s building here at Kwalee.

How do you feel about joining Kwalee? How has your experience been so far and what are you looking forward to?

Callum Godfrey: I’m really excited to join Kwalee for a huge number of reasons. Firstly, the success we’ve had in hypercasual is a testament to the company culture – it’s a bold, fast-paced and highly creative spirit where each of us is empowered to think outside the box and be entrepreneurial to find new ideas and opportunities, backed with the power of data to avoid taking risks that are unlikely to be a success.  

Over the history of the company we’ve developed a first class marketing and data team, something that is fundamental to the success of any mobile game. I am excited to now help us take the great foundations we have and apply those skills in different new ways as we look at casual titles from both an internal development and publishing standpoint.

Could you elaborate a little on what you are going to be working on at Kwalee?

Right now I’m excited to start bringing knowledge from my time working within free-to-play and mobile games to the company, building upon the success of our existing business by helping us to look at new casual game opportunities in the right way, with the right ways of evaluating the potential of a game and starting to see new games in the casual space take shape.

I’ve been working in games for over two decades now. In fact, my career started just down the road from Kwalee at Codemasters, and during that time I’ve been fortunate enough to work on games covering almost every platform, genre, size and audience.  With experience in free-to-play gaming since that really became a business, I can safely say it’s where my heart belongs, and now my goal at Kwalee is to help us make big strides in casual games, bringing great games to a massive audience and entertaining them with games that make them feel good, keep them excited to play for days, weeks months and years and help Kwalee become a huge success in this new venture.

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