Games We Like

Games We Like

Kwalee is joining fellow indie developers, The Pickford Bros, in their efforts to encourage small game developers to help promote each other’s games.

The Pickfords say:

The big idea behind ‘Games We Like’ is that it’s not cross-promotion as such. Nobody has to reciprocate the promotion given…It’s given for free, so it’s totally in the same spirit as indies helping each other out with technical and design problems, which they already do.

This page will be regularly updated with the iOS games that our staff are currently enjoying.


   Bike Baron

David likes Biker Baron

Not only is Biker Baron really challenging, but its also got a terrific sense of humour. A great example of what can be created on the iPhone for a small budget.


   Lost Winds

Andrew likes Lost Winds

I’m always fascinated by games with innovative controls. In this platformer you blow your character along by controlling the wind with swipes of your finger.


John   Stick Tennis

John likes Stick Tennis

I love a bit of tennis and with Wimbledon having just finished it seemed like the perfect time to try a new tennis game. Stick Tennis is very simple, but fiendishly fast, so there is a real challenge.


   Flick Golf

Bruce likes Flick Golf

One of the great iOS games. Fantastic intuitive controls and great graphics.


Peter Hancox   Zen Bound

Pete likes Zen Bound

It’s unique, simple and artistic. Everything I love in a game.


James Horn   Mega Run

James H likes Mega Run

You run… and you jump. Its Mega!



Lizzie likes Cuboid 

This puzzle game will last you a long time. It has loads of levels and really nice graphics.


   DrawRace 2

Joe likes DrawRace 2

I’ve had this game on my phone for months and I keep coming back to it. Terrific spin on the racing genre where you draw the optimum racing line around the course map with your finger and then watch your car follow the path, hopefully setting the best lap time along the way.


Adam Philbin   Techno Kitten Adventure

Adam likes Techno Kitten Adventure

I love cats, hardcore techno and tripping my balls off.


Evan   Zombies Ate My Condo

Evan likes Monsters Ate My Condo

This game is totally mental. It’s really fast, really polished and really addictive!


   100 Floors

Steve likes 100 Floors

100 different puzzles which each have unique solutions, mechanics and controls. Its like 100 tiny games in one package!


   Waking Mars

Alexei likes Waking Mars

Unusually for a mobile game, Waking Mars has a terrific story. Its gameplay is really unique too, focusing on managing an ecosystem, along with great controls and graphics.


Jay   Flow Free

Jay likes Flow Free

This is an extremely addictive line-drawing puzzle game. Its very simple, but the difficulty ramps up a great deal by the time you reach the hard section.


   Tilt To Live

Nick likes Tilt To Live

The iPhone’s accelerometer is used very intelligently in this fast-paced arcade game. You must tilt to avoid enemies, while collecting power-ups to increase your score. Its a really polished title. 


Pedro   Zombie HQ

Pedro likes Zombie HQ

Zombie HQ simplifies the “dual-stick shooter” concept by allowing you to focus on movement through an auto-aim system. It also handles its freemium business model in very tastefully.


   Dead Trigger

James M likes Dead Trigger

I love the graphics in the first-person-shooter. They’re almost console quality!

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