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Unwind and Play Cozy Games with Kwalee

As the frost settles in and the nights grow darker, it's the perfect season for unwinding with a game that brings comfort and relaxation. At Kwalee, we've created a range of choices perfect for becoming your cozy game go-to this winter. Whether you prefer the ease of mobile games like Perfect Coffee 3D or the immersive experience of our PC Console game Wildmender, we've got you covered.


Couch Co-op Games vs Online, You Decide!

Remember the good old days when our idea of a wild Friday night was huddled around the clunky PlayStation 1, with the controller wires intertwining like vines, all in the name of couch co-op games? Fast forward to 2023, and the gaming world has transformed, with a wide choice of online multiplayer experiences. But here's the burning question, which style of gaming is truly the better experience to play with friends, on the coach with friends vs online in an immersive realm? 



What are Mini Games and More

Mini games have captivated players worldwide for a long time – from retro to the modern day. These bite-sized gaming experiences offer a refreshing break from the main gameplay, becoming a big part of many video games with complex features. This article dives into the essence of what are mini games, what their purpose is, and why everyone finds them so fun.

So what are mini games?

Mini games are small, self-contained challenges packed up within a larger video game. They are called that precisely because of their nature; they’re mini!



What Are Story Driven Mobile Games?

Mobile gaming has had an undeniable burst of growth into one of the largest and most profitable types of gaming in recent years. Chief among this explosion sits the rise of story driven mobile games; they’ve not only redefined the (mobile) gaming experience, but the boundaries of storytelling itself.


If these sound like big claims, that’s because they are—but that doesn’t make them any less true. Let’s delve into the rapidly-developing world of story driven mobile games, and start unpacking why they’ve become such a driving force in the industry.


Mind-blowing Game Design Tips

Want to know how industry experts like us save production time but still keep players satisfied? We finally reveal six game design tips you could use in your game!


For decades, game designers have found clever workarounds to improve a game’s design and player experience, without showing the inner workings to players themselves. This article will explore some of them! I’ll talk about 6 long-hidden game design tips that keep our players playing, and save us hundreds of hours in production time.



Reward Videos – An Expert Guide To Using These Ads In Your Mobile Game

One of the biggest challenges for mobile game developers is how to maintain player engagement alongside effective monetisation. One of the solutions is Reward Videos (RVs). These are video ads that are almost miraculous because players actually want to watch them! In this article, we’ll dive deep into Reward Videos, walk you through designing your game around them, and their many benefits.


What is a Reward Video?



Becoming a Video Game Story Writer: What Does It Take?

Game writing is something that’s had a wave of popularity and exposure recently, especially following the rise of big-budget, narrative-driven games over the last two decades. And with that, I’ve definitely been getting more questions about my job as a video game story writer — which is exciting!


It also gives me a great excuse to sit and talk for a while with you about how I craft interactive worlds, how you can get into it too, and whether AI should be worrying us game writers.




Pet Power in Action at Kwalee

In households across the globe, pets have secured a cherished spot as valued family members. From loyal dogs to independent cats, and an array of creatures in between, our pet’s power of affection knows no bounds. Let us introduce you to some vital members of the Kwalee team - our pets who accompany us in one of our games studios and pop up on our Zoom calls!  



Navigating Milestones with our Head of People Development, Tom Bromwich

Welcome back to another episode of Kwalee Gaming. After our last episode where we interviewed William Cox, this round, we are sitting down with Tom Bromwich, Head of People Development here at Kwalee. Join us as we find out about Tom’s past careers, discovering the experiences and milestones that have led him to his current role.




How Data in the Games Industry is a Game Changer for Studios Today

Data science and analysis have become an indispensable set of skills that’s transformed how some companies make video games today. That’s why, in this article, we’ll explore data in the games industry, and how it’s a central force to any mobile, PC or console game’s success.

What data in the games industry is used for



5 Profitable Game Development Technologies on the Rise

Exploring interesting options for a game you’re making? Try exploring one of these game development technologies aiming to break through into the mainstream.


Game development technologies are rapidly changing how the industry itself works. As more cutting-edge games try, succeed and fail, we get to understand these technologies better, so you can learn how to use them to your advantage. In this article, we’ll go through five game development technologies on the rise that you could consider exploring when making your game.




Apprenticeship in Games - Meet Kwalee’s Business Administration Apprentice Lizzy Mulliner

Join Lizzy on her journey as the sole apprentice at Kwalee, delving into business administration in the gaming industry. Discover her motivations, experiences, and aspirations, shedding light on the transformative power of apprenticeships during Apprenticeship Week celebrations.

The Gamemasters Summit - Register For The Free Digital Conference For The Mobile Games Industry

The Gamemasters Summit, an exclusive one day online event powered by Kwalee and supported by and AppsFlyer, will soon go live. Taking place on February 21, 2024, this event is a day dedicated to enriching attendees' expertise in mobile game development, publishing and business. This free one-day summit is a gateway to inspiration, education, and valuable networking opportunities. Whether you work in mobile games, or want to, the expert and emerging tracks have a wealth of debate, insights and case studies.



Can you get paid to play video games?

In this modern era where video games are a widespread pastime, the thought of getting paid to spend our time in this activity may seem like a distant fantasy. However, the games industry is constantly evolving as we know it, presenting opportunities for both developers and players alike to monetise their passion. While there are options of earning money through gaming, it's essential to understand that such options demand effort, time, and commitment. Let’s explore possible avenues for those intrigued by the possibility of turning a gaming hobby into a source of income.




Mobile Game Journey from Prototype Testing to Soft and Hard Launch

From the beginning of prototype testing to the final global launch, we are excited to share how we approach the game development process at Kwalee. We’ll share secrets behind mastering game success with our Growth Executive, Sena Bektas. We’ll look at the process through the lens of User Acquisition (UA) and reveal each step that is taken in the development journey.


The Evolution of User Acquisition in Mobile Gaming (Part Two)

Ad Creatives 

Thanks for joining me again for a further look into User Acquisition - make sure you are all caught up by reading part one of this series. If you have, then let’s jump straight in. I believe it's essential to begin this article by acknowledging the difficulty of creative production and expressing my appreciation for the teams working in this field.


The Evolution of User Acquisition in Mobile Gaming: The Strategic Shift You Need For Success 

In mobile gaming, staying on top of User Acquisition (UA) is no easy task, as we step into 2023, it's evident that the game has changed. The major players in the games industry, such as Kwalee, have witnessed a significant decrease in the number of game launches in the market, especially when compared to two years ago. John Wright, Vice President of Mobile Publishing, talks us through the key contributors and advice for keeping up with UA trends.