Inside the Success: Perfect Coffee 3D

Inside the Success is where our hypercasual experts do a deep-dive into Kwalee’s chart-topping successes, dissecting the game’s production post-release – from development to marketing. Learn how our games are such a success for free!


Inside the Success: Build Your Vehicle

Fun fact: Build Your Vehicle was a concept that existed way back in May 2021. But it never made the cut after the tests showed very poor results… until the project was resurrected a year later. Normally, our philosophy is to fail fast; test, prototype, and ship quickly when the data is convincing and move on when it doesn’t. So what changed in a year?


What are Creative Wednesdays?

If you’ve ever read a blog post one of our team members has written, attended a conference where one of us has spoken at or even simply scanned our website to see what we’re all about, you’ll no doubt have come across the phrase ‘Creative Wednesdays’. 


We refer to them a lot since they’re a fundamental part of what we do at Kwalee, but in the past, we have been less effective at explaining what they are — and why we are so passionate about them — to those outside our walls. We want to correct that. So, let’s start right at the beginning.


Inside the Success: Airport Security

The concept of Airport Security was realised after one of the designers thought about the experience of being a mall security guard, highlighting what the themes, the concepts, and the mechanics would be like. The design team brainstormed ideas on how it would translate to a Hyper Casual experience and set the rights and wrongs of the games they researched.


And that’s when the premise arrived – the player is an Airport Security Officer in charge of inspecting passengers. Here’s what it took to turn the game into a chart-topping success.

All You Need to Know About Hypersims

Hypersims — a term we aptly use as a shorthand for “Hyper Casual Simulation games” — are a relatively new subgenre of games in the Hyper Casual market. But of course, the concept of simulation games isn’t new at all.