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Want to turn your game into a big hit? Read our Publishing content to get actionable pieces of advice and suggestions on publishing and marketing games.

How To Make a Great Game Trailer

Trailers open up the world of your game to players. They’re an essential part of the lifecycle of a release and one of the main ways people discover a game and decide whether to invest their time and money into it. Knowledge of how to make a game trailer is a make-or-break essential skill to have on your side if you’re developing or publishing a video game.


Mobile Game Monetisation 101 – Part 1: An Intro to In-App Purchases, Ads, and Other Revenue Generation Strategies

How often do you wonder about monetising your mobile games? The idea of setting it up can sound complex, understandably, but it’s essential to ensure you can earn money from games. So here’s what you need to know about mobile game monetisation, and how you, as a game developer, can benefit from it.


We sat down with our monetisation team to find out how they’ve used monetisation to build a global business from both Kwalee and our partner developers’ mobile games.

What Does a Game Publisher Do?

We are often asked, even at industry events, what a publisher for PC and console games actually does. To be fair, if you’re new to game development or simply haven’t interacted with publishers very much, it can be a little unclear. In reality, while a publisher can do many things, there are several core services that you can expect should you decide to sign with Kwalee or any other publisher.


Marketing Games on Social Media: A Guide for Game Studios

We all know that social media is where it’s at these days. It’s the perfect place to get news, share with friends, or just kill some time with epic reels. And let’s not forget about the brands that are all over social media like white on rice. But game companies have a special advantage – their products are naturally social!


We game with friends and family online or in person. That’s why marketing games on social media is perfect for game studios to connect with their audiences and create a community around the brand. It’s like a match made in social media heaven!