Why Is Kwalee One Of The Best PC and Console Game Publishers?

Want a supportive publishing partner to help your game achieve commercial success, great sales and maximum profit? Fortunately for you, our game publishers with decades of industry experience can offer you support. Not just with marketing, but also with production, funding, and platform partnerships. We will go the extra mile to help you build your studio brand, communities, and games.

With Kwalee on your side, you can be guaranteed that:

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You’ll get a personal service from day one. All our games get bespoke brand guidelines, a product marketing plan, beat schedule and a generous launch budget.

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We have all the services to support your game’s development in house at Kwalee. Over 60 QAs and our own playtesting lab, so together we can get to the best game as fast as possible.

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We don’t have a ‘conveyor belt’ pipeline - we space our games out throughout the year, giving your project bespoke attention through a dedicated producer and product marketer to guide you to success.

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PC Console Games We're Publishing

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best console publisher
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PC Console Games We're Publishing

Your game’s more than a +1.
We’ll support your game with:

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Localisation to cater your game to various audiences

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Tailored campaigns from our influencers and ambassador crew

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PR, social media, events, and community management

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An in-house team of 60+ QA experts to test-test-test your game

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Release and full life cycle management on key gaming platforms

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Deep connections with platforms such as Steam, Epic, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Twitch, Humble, TikTok and more

… and so much more!

Here’s how the submission process works

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Step 1:
Visit our Kwalee Gaming publishing form to submit your game

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Step 2:
Tell us about your game and your targets

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Step 3:
You’ll get a response from us in an email

Got Questions?

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