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Scathe: Our Bullet Hell FPS Is Now Out

Scathe What You Must Know About This Bullet Hell FPS

With the release of Scathe this week, we’re excited to see our passionate players dive into hellish mazes and purge some nasty demons with their friends. If you’re someone who hasn’t tried the game out yet, then don’t worry: we put this article together so you’re up to speed.


We wanted to take a moment to remind you what we have in store for our first-person shooter (FPS) gamers.


Here’s a first look at what Scathe can offer you, and why it’s going to be the best bullet hell FPS you play this year.

What makes Scathe a blazing hot FPS?

Explore hell like never before


To adventure seekers out there, Scathe will make one hell of a first impression.


The level design in Scathe is separated into different maze-like zones. Each zone is different; some can lead you further into the game, and some can bring about your demise.


Each path you take defines both the difficulty and the meta-game flow. A single playthrough will not be enough to experience what Scathe has to offer.

Command your relics


You’ll often come across the demonic Mages, whose powers surpass the usual wretched pawns you blast through. Their powers come from the ancient relics they possess.


Find these demons, tear the relics off of them, and channel their energies to give yourself an edge in hellish combat.

Get some guns


Considering the game’s non-linear nature, the order in which you find your next deadly weapon is different. You start with the Hellhammer, a reliable primary with brutal firepower.


But sometimes, it won’t be enough to handle a horde of hellspawn with that weapon alone. That means you’ve got to get yourself some guns… lots of guns.


Keep an eye out for some new weaponry, expand your arsenal, and win against the forces of hell.

Call your backup


The most interesting addition to Scathe is the co-op mode. Trample through Hell with up to 4 players including you, thanks to its drop-in / drop-out system. But don’t fool yourself – the game’s difficulty adapts to your team’s size. The bigger your team, the more difficult it will get.


You also share your pool of lives with your team, so if anyone dies, everyone gets affected. 


The usual run-and-gun approach won’t work here. With a combination of relics, strategy, and teamwork, your team may make it out of hell yet.
We’ve made a hardcore experience out of this, and we hope your team’s set to put up one hell of a fight in your Scathe sessions.

Hyped? Buy Scathe today


The game comes packed with a chunk of exciting features for players to dabble into. With a unique blend of platforming, strategy, and bullet hell gameplay, Scathe breaks out of the typical shooter chain to offer a more challenging experience. So grab your friends, explore labyrinths of fire and stone, and leave no demon unscathed.


Scathe is now live on Steam, with console versions including PlayStation and Xbox dropping in early 2023.


Buy Scathe on Steam

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