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How To Get ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ on Steam - Like Robobeat - One of the Best Indie Games of 2024

ROBOBEAT, developed by Simon Fredholm and published by Kwalee, achieved the rare 'Overwhelmingly Positive' review score on Steam, making it one of the best indie games of 2024. Learn how this remarkable feat was accomplished and what it means in the context of the games industry.



Pet Power in Action at Kwalee

In households across the globe, pets have secured a cherished spot as valued family members. From loyal dogs to independent cats, and an array of creatures in between, our pet’s power of affection knows no bounds. Let us introduce you to some vital members of the Kwalee team - our pets who accompany us in one of our games studios and pop up on our Zoom calls!  




How Data in the Games Industry is a Game Changer for Studios Today

Data science and analysis have become an indispensable set of skills that’s transformed how some companies make video games today. That’s why, in this article, we’ll explore data in the games industry, and how it’s a central force to any mobile, PC or console game’s success.

What data in the games industry is used for



5 Profitable Game Development Technologies on the Rise

Exploring interesting options for a game you’re making? Try exploring one of these game development technologies aiming to break through into the mainstream.


Game development technologies are rapidly changing how the industry itself works. As more cutting-edge games try, succeed and fail, we get to understand these technologies better, so you can learn how to use them to your advantage. In this article, we’ll go through five game development technologies on the rise that you could consider exploring when making your game.




Apprenticeship in Games - Meet Kwalee’s Business Administration Apprentice Lizzy Mulliner

Join Lizzy on her journey as the sole apprentice at Kwalee, delving into business administration in the gaming industry. Discover her motivations, experiences, and aspirations, shedding light on the transformative power of apprenticeships during Apprenticeship Week celebrations.

The Gamemasters Summit - Register For The Free Digital Conference For The Mobile Games Industry

The Gamemasters Summit, an exclusive one day online event powered by Kwalee and supported by and AppsFlyer, will soon go live. Taking place on February 21, 2024, this event is a day dedicated to enriching attendees' expertise in mobile game development, publishing and business. This free one-day summit is a gateway to inspiration, education, and valuable networking opportunities. Whether you work in mobile games, or want to, the expert and emerging tracks have a wealth of debate, insights and case studies.



Can you get paid to play video games?

In this modern era where video games are a widespread pastime, the thought of getting paid to spend our time in this activity may seem like a distant fantasy. However, the games industry is constantly evolving as we know it, presenting opportunities for both developers and players alike to monetise their passion. While there are options of earning money through gaming, it's essential to understand that such options demand effort, time, and commitment. Let’s explore possible avenues for those intrigued by the possibility of turning a gaming hobby into a source of income.




How To Make a Great Game Trailer

Trailers open up the world of your game to players. They’re an essential part of the lifecycle of a release and one of the main ways people discover a game and decide whether to invest their time and money into it. Knowledge of how to make a game trailer is a make-or-break essential skill to have on your side if you’re developing or publishing a video game.