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Go Fish! Go Fish!

About Go Fish!

Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as you can on your way back up!

Go Fish! is the ultimate arcade fishing game and offers hours of fun. Why wait around for a bite when you can send your hook deep into the ocean and steer it to catch the fish you want? Stack it high with the most valuable fish to earn more money and bolster your fish collection. See them all in full glory in the trophy room!

Upgrade your gear, catch more fish, and dive deeper to find newer and rarer species!

With 30 million downloads since its launch in March 2018 Go Fish! was part of our first wave of Creative Wednesdays success stories, alongside the likes of Looper!. Fun fact: we even have a meeting room named after this classic game at our studio in Leamington Spa!

Want to discover the mysteries that lie in the ocean? Then go fish online and download the ultimate arcade fishing game today!

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Go Fish! Features

  • Simple controls

    Tap the screen to cast your line and go fish!

  • Reach new depths

    Upgrade your hook, catch more fish, and go even deeper into the ocean.

  • Earn and earn

    Let the game take care of the earning, while you focus on the fun of catching fish!

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Go Fish!