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Play one of the most popular online drawing games with rapid-fire rounds!
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  • #1 app in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and more
  • #1 game in 'Arcade' category in 48 countries
  • Held position as #1 US puzzle game for more than two weeks
  • Over 120 million downloads!
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About Draw It

Put your drawing skills to the test in Draw it, one of the most popular drawing games online on mobile phones! Compete against other players (and the clock!) by doodling the prompts that appear on-screen. Test both your speed and your drawing ability as you draw as many identifiable doodles as possible!

With more than 120 million downloads worldwide, the engaging gameplay of Draw It continues to captivate masses of new players all over the world. As well as being a massive Hyper Casual hit for Kwalee, the game is well-loved by its players (average user review score of 4.35/5 across the App Store and Google Play) and is still updated regularly.

Draw it has a simple and satisfying concept at its core but is very technically innovative beneath the surface. So if you’ve still not played Draw It, it’s time to find out: how quick on the draw are you?

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Draw It Features

  • Simple mechanics

    All you need is one finger to draw your doodles!

  • Explore new words

    Get rewards and unlock new words to draw and guess

  • Go toe to toe with other artists

    Compete against other online players in real-time matches and doodle the most words.

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