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There’s creativity and joy to find when you make and publish a game. Have a look at our Kwalee games we’ve developed or released as a game publisher.


Our fun games have been downloaded more than 1 billion times

publish a game

Draw it

(4.3 publish a mobile game)
Scribble as many doodles as possible in the time-based competition against other players.
kwalee games

120 Million+

kwalee mobile games

Object Hunt

(4.3 indie game publisher)
One person becomes the hunter, whilst the rest of you hide! But this game comes with a twist... you can’t stay as you are!
publish your game

56 Million+

publish your mobile game

Teacher Simulator

(4.3 publish your hyper casual game)
Do you have what it takes to be the best teacher in the world? Now is the time to find out in Teacher Simulator!
publish your hybrid casual game

106 Million+

publish your casual game

Airport Security

(4.3 how to publish a game)
Watch out for people flying with a fake passport, or concealed weapons.
game publisher

78 Million+

game developer

Blade Forge 3D

(4.3 fun games)
It’s time to see if you have the skillset to go from rookie to master blacksmith.
hybrid games

38 Million+

hybrid video game

Traffic Cop 3D.

(4.4 hyper game)
Patrol the streets at night, keeping a close eye on the cars around you. Think you found a criminal? Then it’s time to scan their licence plate and test your instincts.
casual game

26 Million+

hybrid casual video game

Bake it

(4.4 hyper casual video game)
Play Bake It – a hypersim cake game where you sculpt delicious baked goods from scratch!
casual video game

47 Million+

best hybrid casual game

Rocket Sky!

(4.3 best hyper casual game)
In Rocket Sky! you tap and hold the screen to launch your rocket as far into the sky as you can.
best casual game

35 Million+

best hybrid casual video game


(4.4 best hyper casual video game)
Looking for fun loop games? Check out Looper, a melodious and soothing rhythm and music game!
best casual video game

48 Million+

jetpack jump

Jetpack Jump

(4.3 jetpack jump game)
Explore a new jetpack game where you take a stratospheric leap with the flick of a finger!
jetpack jump game download

43 Million+

lets be cops

Let's Be Cops 3D

(4.3 lets be cops game)
In a crime-filled city, there’s only one officer who can help keep law and order.
lets be cops game download

37 Million+


Shootout 3D

(4.3 shootout game)
It’s time for your most important mission yet, and only our ultimate sniper will be good enough.
shootout game download

35 Million+

police pursuit

Police Pursuit

(4.5 police pursuit game)
Dodge the cops and cause mayhem in this police car chase game!
police pursuit game download

27 Million+

crazy shopping

Crazy Shopping

(4.4 crazy shopping game)
Looking for a crazy shopping online game? Play it for free on your smartphone!
crazy shopping game download

28 Million+

line up

Line Up

(4.5 line up game)
In Line Up: Draw the Criminal, let your inner sketch artist roam free, as you help detectives catch criminals.
line up game download

20 Million+

go fish

Go Fish

(4.5 go fish game)
Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as you can on your way up!
go fish game download

30 Million+

hunt & seek

Hunt & Seek

(4.2 hunt & seek game)
The monster is coming for you, and hiding is not the only option, there’s a twist in the game.
hunt & seek game download

31 Million+

makeover studio

Makeover Studio

(4.2 makeover studio game)
Makeovers, teeth whitening, lip filler, we have it all! Treat yourself to the ultimate spa day, in the most fashionable studio in town!
makeover studio game download

29 Million+

big battle 3d

Big Battle 3D

(4.2 big battle 3d game)
Big Battle 3D is a fun game where you build up your army to storm the castles and watch them fight!
big battle 3d game download

15 Million+

drop and smash

Drop & Smash

(4.5 drop and smash game)
Take out your frustrations on life in the chart smashing game Drop & Smash!
drop and smash game download

17 Million+



(4.2 plank game)
Endlessly fun! Tap and hold to place your plank. Make it too long or too short and see your character fall!
plank game download

16 Million+

perfect coffee 3d

Perfect Coffee 3D

(4.4 perfect coffee 3d game)
Put your barista cap on and run the best coffee shop in town.
perfect coffee 3d game download

11 Million+

off the rails 3d

Off The Rails 3D

(4.2 off the rails 3d game)
Steam ahead through risky routes and onward to your nearest station in the train game that’ll challenge you!
off the rails 3d game download

13 Million+

build it 3d

Build it 3D

(4.1 build it 3d game)
Get your hammer at the ready, it’s time to show off your skills as the new builder in town!
build it 3d game download

15 Million+



(4.1 overtake game)
There is only one rule here: avoid head-on collisions, they are deadly. And keep an eye on the fuel, you shouldn’t run out.
overtake game download

9 Million+

clean up 3d

Clean Up 3D

(4.4 clean up 3d game)
Size up and suck ‘em up in this whacky cleaning game!
clean up 3d game download

7 Million+

build your vehicle

Build Your Vehicle

(4.2 build your vehicle game)
Tired of your run down, clunky pile of scrap? It’s time to switch it up and have fun along the way!
build your vehicle game download

8 Million+

hook and smash

Hook and Smash

(4.6 hook and smash game)
Calming sea breezes, whale song, yoga and meditation. So many ways to relax... OR YOU CAN SMASH STUFF UP!
hook and smash game download

7 Million+


Submarine Jump!

(4.4 submarine game)
Tap to rotate your submarine to do as many flips as possible for more currency, make sure you land safely though or it’s game over.
submarine game download

6 Million+

hero strike

Hero Strike 3D

(4.5 hero strike game)
Become the hero you've always dreamed of and stop the villain from destroying the city!
hero strike game download

3 Million+



(4.4 tens game)
Drag dice onto the board, total 10 in any row or column, score points for your TENS!
tens game download

3 Million+



(4.5 spillz game)
SPILLZ is a hilarious and outrageously fun puzzle game!
spillz game download

5 Million+

hiring job 3d

Hiring Job 3D

(4.1 hiring job 3d game)
Experience what it’s like to be in the recruitment and HR department by undertaking necessary tasks
hiring job 3d game download

2 Million+

tow n go

Tow N Go

(4.3 tow n go game)
Stop on the way and pick up the cars parked in the ‘No parking’ area. Collect as many as you can at a time!
tow n go game download

6 Million+

sharpshooter blitz

Sharpshooter Blitz

(4.4 sharpshooter blitz game)
Welcome Agent Sharpshooter. Your mission, if you choose to accept: storm the enemy base.
sharpshooter blitz game download

6 Million+

perfect paint

Perfect Paint

(4.3 perfect paint game)
Perfect Paint is a fun game where you compete against others to try and copy the painting as best as you can.
perfect paint game download

6 Million+

perfect smile

Perfect Smile

(4.3 perfect smile game)
Step into the greatest dental surgery ever! Teeth a little wonky? Your smile is our priority and we can’t wait to get started!
perfect smile game download

2 Million+

car dealer 3d

Car Dealer 3D

(4.1 car dealer 3d game)
Who doesn’t want to be rich, right? Well, now it’s your turn, in Car Dealer 3D!
car dealer 3d game download

1 Million+

flip tumbling

Flip Tumbling

(4.6 flip tumbling game)
Become a master gymnast in this tumbling experience! It's the new parkour sensation that’s sweeping the nation!
flip tumbling game download

2 Million+

cinema tycoons 3d

Cinema Tycoons

(4.5 cinema tycoons 3d game)
So let's get started serving those movie buffs. Do you have what it takes to build a theatre empire?
cinema tycoons 3d game download

4 Million+

blast city 3d

Blast City

(4.3 blast city 3d game)
Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to use your rocket science in order to navigate your way through the city.
blast city 3d game download

2 Million+

sneak thief 3d

Sneak Thief 3D

(4.3 sneak thief 3d game)
Sneak Thief 3D is a fun game where you have to sneak through a heavily guarded museum in order to knock out the guards, escape detection and get your hands on the priceless item at the end!
sneak thief 3d game download

4 Million+

baseball fury

Baseball Fury

(4.4 baseball fury game)
Baseball Fury 3D is a fun game where you can become a batting legend!
baseball fury game download

4 Million+

perfect skincare

Perfect Skincare

(4.0 perfect skincare game)
Take control of your destiny and rise to the top of the salon game with Perfect Skincare!
perfect skincare game download

2 Million+

doodle run

Doodle Run

(4.4 doodle run game)
Draw your way to the top and you race against others in this fun filled sprint! Dodging obstacles as you go, be the first to draw the image!
doodle run game download

5 Million+

mudder trucker 3d

Mudder Trucker 3D

(3.9 mudder trucker 3d game)
Mudder Trucker is all about mud, mud and more mud. This off-road, racing experience takes mudding to a whole new extreme.
mudder trucker 3d game download

2 Million+

who done it 3d

Who Done It

(4.9 who done it 3d game)
You’ve got a rise of troublemakers on your hands and it’s up to you to reveal the culprit! Who is telling the truth?
who done it 3d game download

1 Million+

wheel race

Wheel Race

(4.1 wheel race game)
Prove to the rest of the competition that you are number one in Wheel Race!
wheel race game download

2 Million+

police story

Police Story 3D

(4.2 police story game)
Police Story 3D is an action pack adventure-filled simulator. Speed your way to the nearest incident in this fast-paced game.
police story game download

2 Million+

street cops 3d

Street Cop 3D

(4.3 street cops 3d game)
When you're a cop walking the beat, the choices you make will stop the serious crime.
street cops 3d game download

1 Million+

hack computer

Hack Computer

(4.3 hack computer game)
Start coding your destiny now with Hack Computer! There is no server nor PC on Earth with enough security to resist your spy key.
hack computer game download

2 Million+

hospital simulator 3d

Hospital Run

(4.2 hospital simulator 3d game)
Care for as many patients as possible with skill and speed and watch the cash pour in.
hospital simulator 3d game download


fitness club 3d

Fitness Club

(4.3 fitness club 3d game)
Every workout counts when you’re trying to build an empire. Help your clients achieve their dream body and fitness goals.
fitness club 3d game download


cricket star pro

Cricket Star Pro

(4.4 cricket star pro game)
Take your footing in front of the stumps and protect the wickets in this thrilling game of cricket.
cricket star pro game download


drink mixer 3d

Drink Mixer 3D

(4.3 drink mixer 3d game)
Use exciting ingredients to mix up tasty drinks and give your customers exactly what they want!
drink mixer 3d game download


foam climber

Foam Climber

(4.5 foam climber game)
Point and spray your foam to create a bubble mountain to climb, or use the foam gun as a bridge over the dreaded spike pits!
foam climber game download


off road challenge

Off Road Challenge

(4.0 off road challenge game)
Get ready for an off-roading challenge like you’ve never experienced before!
off road challenge game download


cryptocurrency master

Crypto Master

(4.4 cryptocurrency master game)
This is not the time pump and dump, crypto is the cash of the future. Wanna get rich? Then start your crypto mine immediately!
cryptocurrency master game download


gun tycoon

Gun Tycoon

(4.3 gun tycoon game)
It’s time to build an empire, sell sniper rifles and pistols by the bucket, price them fairly or put them on discount.
gun tycoon game download


chainsaw craft

Chainsaw Craft

(4.5 chainsaw craft game)
Carve out your greatest masterpieces and sell them on for a tidy profit!
chainsaw craft game download


skiddy car

Skiddy Car

(4.3 skiddy car game)
Skiddy Car's one-tap drifting gameplay is simple to learn and filled with clever new challenges.
skiddy car game download


oil digging

Oil Digging

(4.3 oil digging game)
Don’t you love the smell of fresh oil in the morning? No? Well, how about money instead?
oil digging game download


monster city

Monster City

(4.6 monster city game)
The deepest darkest depths of the ocean belong to a deadly beast and it’s heading this way!
monster city game download


word search world

Word Search World

(4.5 word search world game)
Step into a world of adventure and serenity in the all new Word Search World!
word search world game download


turbo wheel

Turbo Wheel

(4.5 turbo wheel game)
It's a racing frenzy where only the best rider will come out on top. Stripped down to nothing but a wheel, you must use all your skill.
turbo wheel game download


skate rush

Skate Rush

(4.2 skate rush game)
Skateboarding is no easy sport; dare to be a part of the Skate Rush 3D tournaments?
skate rush game download


virus evolution

Virus Evolution

(3.2 virus evolution game)
You’ve just invented the perfect plague and now it’s time to put it to the test.
virus evolution game download


truck it 3d

Truck It 3D

(4.4 truck it 3d game)
These deliveries need dropping off pronto, and it’s up to you to haul it over! Follow the directions to your destination.
truck it 3d game download


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