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Berkan Kirmit
Currently serving as a Game Designer at Kwalee, Berkan has been dedicated to crafting engaging gaming experiences for wide audiences since October 2022.

Reward Videos – An Expert Guide To Using These Ads In Your Mobile Game

One of the biggest challenges for mobile game developers is how to maintain player engagement alongside effective monetisation. One of the solutions is Reward Videos (RVs). These are video ads that are almost miraculous because players actually want to watch them! In this article, we’ll dive deep into Reward Videos, walk you through designing your game around them, and their many benefits.


What is a Reward Video?


5 Tips For Making Attractive Game Prototypes for Game Publishers

Whatever stage in game development you’re in, if you want to show us your game prototypes, send it to us anyway. If you don’t send it, you might never know if it’s ready to be published on the Hyper Casual market. With professional feedback, you can propel your game to any state that’s outside of brainstorming or prototyping. That’s a lot faster than wondering what to do by yourself.


With that said, are you serious about partnering with a game publisher like Kwalee in the long term? Then we have five tips for you to put together a pitch-perfect prototype for us.