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Championing Mental Health with Safe In Our World

Yellow background with Kwalee and Safe In Our World logos side by side. Kwalee logo on the left, Safe In Our World logo on the right. Symbolizing unity and support for mental health in the gaming community.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Safe In Our World, a charity that promotes mental health awareness and support in the games industry. This collaboration will allow us to work together towards a shared goal, making sure everyone feels safe playing games and supporting mental health in the games industry.

About Safe In Our World

Safe In Our World is a charity dedicated to creating a positive impact on mental health in the game industry. Their mission is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, making it a natural topic of discussion and ensuring that people feel comfortable seeking help when they need it.

They encourage people to organise fundraising activities, from charity livestreams to sponsored challenges. They’ve worked with Mind Fitness to develop bespoke training courses designed for professionals and organisations in the games industry, all a part of their #LevelUpMentalHealth campaign to unite gamers and game makers alike to deliver positive change.

If you’re interested in learning more about mental health, their website also signposts you to a useful range of helplines, wellbeing resources and a glossary A-Z of mental health terms. Since we all love to play, their list of games with mental health themes is also an essential and fun way to access the topic. With plenty of stories and podcasts putting individual stories into the spotlight, there’s lots of ways to discover the work that Safe In Our World is doing.


Mental Health in the Games Industry

Recent data indicates the challenge that many in this field may face higher rates of mental health conditions. For instance, in the UK, 31% of respondents reported experiencing anxiety, depression, or both, exceeding the national average of 17%.

However, while it's true that mental health within the games industry is something we all have to address, it's essential to highlight that many games companies are bucking the trend, there’s fantastic opportunities available in the games industry and there’s unique pathways and events that can help people find a strong support network. At Kwalee, we want to  prioritise our colleagues' mental wellbeing and are dedicated to fostering positive change.

Safe In Our World’s ‘Level Up’ Campaign 

By joining the Level Up Collaboration with Safe in Our World, our colleagues will gain access to invaluable resources that will aid us in promoting mental health and well-being among our team members. These resources include toolkits, exclusive training, and support materials covering topics such as compassion, leadership, and menopause. We believe that by equipping ourselves with these resources, we can create a more supportive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported.


Smiling group of Kwalee employees at a golf day out, embodying camaraderie and joy. Together, they support mental health awareness through Safe In Our World initiatives, fostering a positive workplace culture.


Our partnership with Safe In Our World is an exciting development for Kwalee. By working together, we can make a significant impact in raising awareness, addressing mental health challenges, and fostering a culture of understanding and support within the gaming industry. We strive to lead by example and encourage other game developers and publishers to provide extensive mental health support for their employees.

Mental health should not be a taboo subject, and by partnering with Safe In Our World, we are determined to break down barriers and facilitate open discussions about mental well-being. Through our partnership with Safe In Our World, we are taking concrete steps towards promoting mental health awareness and support within the gaming industry. Together, we can create a positive and supportive environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and empowered. If you want to be a part of a studio that champions mental health, check out our vacancies.  

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