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Introducing Voidwrought, a cosmic horror metroidvania coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2024

Voidwrought, cosmic horror game

We at Kwalee, together with the imaginative minds at PowerSnake, have joined forces to unveil Voidwrought, a cosmic horror metroidvania created to mesmerise players on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2024.


Voidwrought gameplay screenshot 1
Voidwrought, gameplay screenshot


Upcoming Cosmic Horror Game: Voidwrought


This game takes you on an adventure through the ancient ruins of the First Civilisation, playing as a newly-born Simulacrum. Players are given the task of challenging the ancient deities lurking within a world that seamlessly blends cosmic dread with breathtaking visuals. From the star-scorched Surface to the intricately designed biomechanical landscapes of the Abandoned Expedition, Voidwrought is not a game to miss, with over 70 enemies and 10 challenging bosses.

"We are delighted to partner with Powersnake to add Voidwrought to our expanding portfolio of games. The talented team at Powersnake brings a wealth of experience in developing a wide range of games. Their vision and ambition is exactly what we are looking for in our development partners,” said Ben Forrester, Vice President of PC & Console at Kwalee.

"We're excited to join forces with Kwalee as our publishing partner, and through our discussions feel assured that our joint passion will bring to life the vision we hold for Voidwrought, and allow us to create the best experience possible," said Christofer Levall of Powersnake. 


Key Features


  • Delve Beneath the Surface: Engage in a captivating loop of combat and traversal, enriched by diverse abilities, stunning art, and animation, alongside epic boss confrontations.
  • Wield Ancient Artifacts: Tailor your arsenal with over 30 Artifacts, from ethereal ranged weaponry to cunning traps that alter temporal flows.
  • Build Your Shrine: Like the prophecy foretold, gather followers to dig up and improve the Simulacrum's Shrine. This will reveal new friends, secrets, and paths to explore unknown areas.


Don't Miss Out!
Join in on this thrilling adventure - add Voidwrought to your wishlist now!


Voidwrought gameplay screenshot 2
Voidwrought gameplay screenshot


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