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Hitseeker by Kwalee: The New Mobile Publishing Platform For Developers

White background with Kwalee logo and text: 'Hitseekers by Kwalee - new publishing platform for game developers.

In a big step forward, we're launching something special - Hitseeker by Kwalee. This new publishing platform lays on everything you need to test, publish, learn and earn from mobile games. It’s designed to help developers by offering a comprehensive suite of tools, analytics, and expert support designed to optimise the development process and push mobile games to new heights. If you’ve used our previous Publishing Portal, you’ll need to create a new account and you’ll see the transformation for yourself.

Seamless Integration and Insightful Analytics

At the core of Hitseeker's offering is its seamless SDK integration, enabling developers to effortlessly incorporate advanced tools into their games. This integration facilitates access to detailed analytics, allowing developers to track critical performance metrics such as retention rates, daily active users, and session times. Armed with this data, developers can make informed decisions to fine-tune their games, ensuring they resonate with their target audience.

You're Not Alone - Join The Hitseeker By Kwalee Community

We know making games can be tough for studios of all sizes and experience levels. Understanding that development is a journey that is best navigated with support, Hitseeker by Kwalee fosters a collaborative environment. This new publishing platform encourages an ongoing dialogue between developers and Kwalee's team of experts through a sophisticated comment system. This ecosystem is designed to nurture a community where developers can share challenges, insights, and even celebrate successes together. Our all new academy section includes useful case studies, learning materials and opportunities to get to know our team and will be updated with fresh articles and videos every week.


Introducing our New Publishing Platform 'Hitseeker by Kwalee' during Pocket Gamer Connects London, January 22-23, 2024

Everything You Need, All in One Place on Hitseeker

Hitseeker by Kwalee is more than just a publishing platform, it's a developer's haven. With customisable dashboards, efficient file management systems, and access to the latest learning materials, the platform ensures that developers have everything they need at their fingertips. Moreover, the discussion forum and enhanced feedback mechanisms promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


Why We're Excited About Hitseeker By Kwalee

Our VP of Mobile Publishing, John Wright, put it best: "We're not just here to publish games. We’re the developer’s champion, co-pilots on the gamedev journey with talented studios worldwide, helping you make the best game possible." That's what Hitseeker by Kwalee is all about. We're using everything we've learned from making over 100 games to help you make your next game a hit.

As Hitseeker by Kwalee opens its doors to developers worldwide, become part of a vibrant community dedicated to creating fun and hugely successful games. We can't wait to see what you'll create with us, let's win big in the market together! Whether you are looking for a publisher or want to self-publish, we are here to champion our developers. To learn more about our new publishing platform and kickstart your next game project, head over to Hitseeker by Kwalee and register. See you there!


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