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A+ Achievement for Teacher Simulator’s 100 Million Downloads!

Teacher Simulator’s 100 Million Downloads

We are popping the confetti once more here at Kwalee! Our fun mobile game, Teacher Simulator, just hit the mind-blowing milestone of 100 million downloads, and we're here to celebrate like it's recess.  


Teacher Simulator is a nostalgic escape into the world of school life, allowing players to play the role of a virtual teacher. Here you will step into the shoes of a teacher, tasked with inquisitive students, grading assignments, and even keeping a watchful eye on exam cheats. 


The game marked its debut in November 2020, and it didn't take long for the game to capture the spotlight both within the company and globally, as within the first launch month, 4 million players jumped into the virtual classroom. It quickly climbed the ranks, earning a place among the top-3 games in countries like the USA and the UK. 


Teacher Simulator is that the idea was created by two of our own team members right here at Kwalee. This personal touch shines through in the game's quirky gameplay and its ability to bring the past memories of school life back. Today, Teacher Simulator stands proudly as one of our flagship titles, taking its place alongside our other major hits like Airport Security (over 88 million downloads), Bake It (49 million downloads), and Draw It (123 million+ downloads).


We spoke to our Head of Development, Simon Platt who told us “Teacher Simulator demonstrates the core ethos of Kwalee, a remarkable success derived from straightforward concepts. Witnessing the game get four million downloads within the first month was a clear indicator of its potential. However, surpassing the 100 million download milestone is truly a testament to its popularity with players.”


Gabriel Tanasic, Head of Design at Kwalee, said “The idea for 'Teacher Simulator' came to us while brainstorming games that give the player a power fantasy.”  “Nearly everyone has felt the tension of a teacher grading your paper with a mighty red pen. We wanted to give players a taste from the other side of that table." 


Kwalee and FareShare


Although we’re proud of the game reaching 100 million downloads, this game has also helped make a real impact on children's lives. In 2021, Teacher Simulator and Kwalee stepped up to support FareShare, the charity championed by footballer Marcus Rashford, in the battle against child food poverty. To support the charity, Kwalee pledged to donate 100% of the UK profits generated from the game's advertisements and in-app purchases during the first week of the school term to FareShare. 


‘We were huge admirers of Marcus Rashford’s campaign and strongly believed in the work done by FareShare,’ said our CEO David Darling, “With Teacher Simulator having been such a success for its cheerful depiction of school life, we wanted to do our bit to support those facing a less positive reality – especially at the time when Covid remote schooling added strain to kids and families.’ 


The support was gratefully received by FareShare, with Commercial Director Alyson Walsh saying: ‘We are extremely grateful to Kwalee for donating 100% of UK profits from their Teacher Simulator game as children return to remote schooling. FareShare’s work with Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs each year help vulnerable children access the food they need to learn, grow and thrive.’


Teacher Simulator Gameplay


Teacher Simulator has shown itself to not only be a fun game, but also as a shining example of how a game can go beyond entertainment, with a big heart and an even bigger social conscience and impact.


Simon Platt added: “We want to extend our congratulations to the development, technology and marketing teams behind Teacher Simulator. Their dedication to excellence and their commitment to crafting delightful animations have played a pivotal role in this extraordinary success. We're immensely proud of their hard work and the remarkable accomplishment.”

If you haven't yet experienced the joys of virtual teaching, there's no better time. You can download Teacher Simulator for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

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