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Read about the latest games industry trends, news, and even tips and tricks you should know about – for game developers, publishers, and marketers alike.

Hybrid Games - A Guide For Mobile Game Developers

What are Hybrid games and how are they made? How are Hybrid Casual games different from Hyper Casual games? We’ve explained it all right here.

In the ever-evolving world of mobile games, a new star has emerged: Hybrid Casual games. They're bridging the gap between the short-lived thrills of Hyper Casual games and the immersive depth of Casual games. Let's dive in.


The Difference Between Cover Letter and Resume and How to Make Them Better

When you think of applying for a job, one of the first things you do is make a resume and a cover letter - they’re the first impression and they literally sell you to the company! We see thousands of CVs at Kwalee from people looking for their next job or swapping sectors to work in the games industry. In this article, we’ll share what is the difference between cover letter and a resume so that you can represent yourself in the best way possible.

We’ve Done it Again: Kwalee Secures a Spot in Pocket Gamer’s Top Mobile Game Makers for 2023

Celebrating a Year of Phenomenal Achievements


What a fantastic journey it’s been! We’re thrilled to announce that Kwalee has once again found its place on Pocket Gamer’s esteemed Top 50 Mobile Game Makers list for 2023! This marks our fifth consecutive year on the list, and we’re immensely proud to be recognised for our innovation, quality, and impact on the mobile gaming sector.

Chart-Toppers and Game-Changers


Kwalee Shines in’s Top Publisher Awards 2023

As the mobile games industry continues its meteoric rise, so does the pedigree of those recognised as its top publishers. This year,, the industry’s first Unified Data AI platform, unveiled its list of the most innovative and successful mobile app companies around the globe in their highly anticipated Top Publisher Awards 2023. 


Celebrating QA – The Unsung Heroes in the Video Game Industry

What’s it like to be one of the heroes in the video game industry? To sum it up in a couple of words: Fun, exciting, difficult, and most of all, purposeful. Being a quality assurance tester is not an easy job. But many in the games industry don’t talk enough about them.


We sat with two of our senior team members from the QA department to talk us through what aspiring QA folks can look forward to.


What can you tell us about being a quality assurance tester?


Kwalee Hits 1 Billion Mobile Game Downloads – Thanks For Playing

We did it. Kwalee’s collection of games just hit an epic milestone of 1 billion mobile game downloads. Let’s crack open the confetti cannons and celebrate! 


It wouldn’t be possible to fit into a single page how elated all of us are at Kwalee. All we can say is this is a monumental milestone that doubles as a testament to the sheer dedication my colleagues and our partners have brought to the table to make fun games for everyone.


Should Games Marketers Embrace or Fear The Emergence of Accessible Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made significant strides in the world of marketing, and it’s expected to continue to play an increasingly important role in the games industry in the coming years. Some marketers in the mobile games space may be hesitant to embrace it, fearing that it will replace human jobs or that it may be too complex to understand and effectively use.


That said, there are also many compelling reasons for marketers to embrace AI and the opportunities it presents across content creation, coding, SEO, customer service and image creation. 


Most Game Job Applicants Are Rejected Because They Don’t Do This

So… you decided to work in the games industry. You’ve got everything ready – your projects, your personal website, and your confidence. That’s great! But as the pile of application rejections grow around you, you’re left feeling as if you have a better chance of running for president. ‘Curses!’ you say, as you shake your fist. ‘Why is it so difficult to get a game job in the industry!?’


How to Make the Most Out of a Games Conference

Hello, world! As the world opened up after multiple lockdowns, offline events sprung back into existence. Kwalee took full advantage and you may have seen us at various games conference meets and events around the world – from Nordic Game in Sweden to Gamescom Asia in Singapore.