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  • Top 3 game in 12 countries
  • #1 game in 'arcade' category in 9 countries
Crazy Shopping Crazy Shopping

About Crazy Shopping

Witness the most chaotic retail experience on your smartphone in this zany shopping game!

Steer your horde of shoppers to grab the most expensive items you can find. Upgrade your shoppers, collect whatever you can, and stuff ‘em in your vehicle as fast as possible. Shop till you drop and unlock new stores and crazy new items along the way.

Beginning life as a pitch on one of our Creative Wednesdays, the game’s brilliant concept immediately stood out and we were excited to develop it further. Crazy Shopping has since gone on to be downloaded and played by millions of people, becoming a key game for Kwalee.

So forget retail therapy and embrace retail chaos! Build your ultimate shopping squad and grab those valuable items like there’s no tomorrow. There’s a world of great stuff out there; can you buy all of it?

Crazy Shopping Reviews

Crazy Shopping Features

  • Ragdoll physics!

    Witness the chaos unleashed as every character squishes against each other

  • Colourful visuals

    This shopping game will never feel like a dull moment with its eye-catching visuals

  • Rewarding gameplay

    The higher you score, the more you earn and unlock new store items

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Crazy Shopping

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The Crazy Shopping VIP Membership access offers two membership options:

$5.49 weekly subscription (after the 3-day free trial period)

$14.49 monthly subscription