Drop & Smash

Drop and smash hammers, bowling balls or even yourself onto other stuff in this stress relief game!
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  • A top-5 game in the USA, UK, Canada and more
  • A top-3 game in 'Arcade' category in 21 countries, including USA
Drop & Smash Drop & Smash

About Drop & Smash

Which is stronger: a guitar or a car? A hammer or a toilet? Put it to the test in Drop & Smash, a stress relief game where you drop and smash anything on other things! Earn coins and upgrade your crane, drop crazier items, and relieve some stress by smashing everything you see!

Drop & Smash Reviews

Drop & Smash Features

  • ASMR-like experience

    A stress relief game where you can watch objects crumble satisfyingly

  • Rewarding gameplay

    Upgrade cranes to earn more coins and smash bigger things.

  • Quirky visuals

    Vibrant visuals that match the fun and excitement.

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Drop & Smash