Off The Rails 3D

Steam ahead through risky routes and onward to your nearest station in the train game that’ll challenge you!
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Off The Rails 3D Off The Rails 3D

About Off The Rails 3D

Control a runaway train, time your actions, and make it safe to your next station in Off the Rails – the train game with incredibly varied routes.

Test your abilities as a conductor and complete each level. Use your train’s momentum to conserve fuel when going downhill, or be slow in the corner so you don’t go flying off the rails!

Beginning life as a pitch on one of our Creative Wednesdays, Off the Rails 3D’s concept immediately stood out and we were excited to develop it further. The game has since gone on to be downloaded and played by millions of people, becoming a key game for us.

Launching in late 2019, Off the Rails 3D capped off a great year for Kwalee that also saw the releases of hit games including Rocket Sky!, Draw It and Shootout 3D. This was a very significant period for our evolution as a world-leading developer and publisher of Hyper Casual mobile games and has stood us in good stead for subsequent achievements.

Off The Rails 3D Reviews

Off The Rails 3D Features

  • One-tap gameplay

    Play the entire game with just one finger, with progressive difficulty.

  • Progressive difficulty

    Deal with time-based challenges as you choo-choo your way to victory.

  • Colourful visuals

    Game will never feel like a dull moment with its eye-catching visuals.

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Off The Rails 3D