Shootout 3D

In this shootout game of skills, challenge your brain and your aim in various high-stakes puzzles!
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Shootout 3D Shootout 3D

About Shootout 3D

In this shootout game of high-stakes skills and brain-teasing challenges, protect yourself and the hostages when you take out the bad guys. Aim carefully, activate traps, and use objects to your advantage in Shootout 3D.

But there’s a twist: shifting your aim also causes your enemies to move accordingly, which means that you can turn their guns on one another. It’s a test of your brain as much as your trigger finger. Can you line up your shots clearly?

A product of our Creative Wednesdays and a winner in the ‘Best Puzzle Game’ category at the 2019 TIGA Awards, Shootout 3D is the perfect example of one of our creative Hyper Casual game concepts.

Having shot its way to more than 35 million downloads so far, it also proves something we believe in: mobile gamers are attracted to creativity and will respond well to fresh ideas!

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Shootout 3D Features

  • Puzzle-like gameplay

    Enjoy puzzle game mechanics that test your thinking skills.

  • Ragdoll physics!

    See your enemies tumble as you pick them off one at a time.

  • Well-paced difficulty

    Think hard and shoot carefully, as things get really topsy-turvy and tangly.

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Shootout 3D