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David Darling

David Darling has been a key architect of the UK games industry since co-founding Codemasters with his brother in 1986, launching classic gaming series such as Micro Machines, Dizzy and Colin McRae Rally along the way.

Kwalee Hits 1 Billion Mobile Game Downloads – Thanks For Playing

We did it. Kwalee’s collection of games just hit an epic milestone of 1 billion mobile game downloads. Let’s crack open the confetti cannons and celebrate! 


It wouldn’t be possible to fit into a single page how elated all of us are at Kwalee. All we can say is this is a monumental milestone that doubles as a testament to the sheer dedication my colleagues and our partners have brought to the table to make fun games for everyone.


Half a Billion Downloads Achieved: The Race to One Billion Begins!


‘To fully embrace digital distribution through great digital marketing, to propel high-quality games to a massive global audience.’ This, in a sentence, was the goal of Kwalee when we first established the company. Many things have changed in the years since then, but this core mission has served us well and we’ve never deviated from it. 


That’s what makes it so pleasing to have surpassed half a billion downloads across our catalogue of games, a testament to the inspired work of our team and serious validation of our original vision!

Why We Share Profit With Our Entire Teams at Kwalee

When I began making games at the age of 13, publishers quickly took an interest and there was clear mutual benefit: they would distribute and market my games, while they would share profit with me through paid royalties on them. It was an interesting profit sharing scheme.