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Kwalee Hits 1 Billion Mobile Game Downloads – Thanks For Playing

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We did it. Kwalee’s collection of games just hit an epic milestone of 1 billion mobile game downloads. Let’s crack open the confetti cannons and celebrate! 


It wouldn’t be possible to fit into a single page how elated all of us are at Kwalee. All we can say is this is a monumental milestone that doubles as a testament to the sheer dedication my colleagues and our partners have brought to the table to make fun games for everyone.


COO Jason and I have been at the forefront of game development in the UK since the 1980s. What’s kept us motivated over all those years? We love making and sharing games that entertain you, no matter where you are and what you use to play. It’s no different with Kwalee today; games like Teacher Simulator, Draw it, and Object Hunt were all made to give people a game to play when they need moments of fun or relaxation.


As we counted down the final moments to reach one billion game downloads, the energy in the room was electric. Our entire team, from engineers to marketers, was gathered around the monitor, eagerly watching the numbers tick closer and closer to the milestone. The same things happened all over the globe, in all of our offices in India, Portugal, and China. And when we finally hit it, the cheers and applause were deafening. I’m so proud of everyone here – my team.

I’d like to thank every player in the world who’s enjoyed our games. Your tapping and swiping has helped us become a leading game developer and publisher. We’re determined to pay it forward and give back to our communities and society at large.


If you can’t quite wrap your head around numbers as big as a billion – we’ve got help – feast your eyes on these stats – about everything from planets to pixels, and bubbles to burps.


This milestone is just the beginning. We have plenty of motivation to keep us making the world’s most fun games. Here’s a flavour of what’s to come:


  1. We’re doubling down on our efforts to produce more hit hypercasual games. It’s been a staple genre for our teams, and we expect to keep bringing innovations to our pick up and play mobile games.
  2. We’re ramping up our efforts on casual game development. While our Casual Games department is working hard to bring you experiences that will tease your brain and help you dream big, our narrative games studio Tictales is creating more engrossing stories and bringing more content to fan-favourite games like Perfume of Love.
  3. Our PC and Console game slate is exciting, with games like Wildmender, Die By The Blade, Space Chef, Robobeat and more coming soon. 2023 will be the biggest year for our PC and Console plans yet.
  4. We’re continuing to build our developer community – helping talented game developers to achieve their business goals and successfully launch their games. By signing up to our Publishing Portal, your game can benefit from our industry-leading marketing, monetisation and gamedev expertise.


If there’s one thing I can guarantee for our players, it’s that there’ll be something for everyone. Fun will still be our focus for the coming years, and I hope that you look forward to what we bring to your phones, computers and consoles as we strive for the next billion game downloads.

David Darling has been a key architect of the UK games industry since co-founding Codemasters with his brother in 1986, launching classic gaming series such as Micro Machines, Dizzy and Colin McRae Rally along the way.

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