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Publishing With Kwalee: Pronetis Games, the developer of OverTake

Pronetis Games

The Publishing With Kwalee series sheds light on the brilliant developers we work with. As a special guest, they’ll dive right into topics ranging from how they began their journey in the games industry to what their development approach is like, their thoughts on current trends, and what working with us is like.


This time we’re speaking to Stefan Filote, Project Manager at OverTake‘s development studio Pronetis Games. OverTake has been a number one game in countries including the UK and Australia, as well as being a number one racing game in 63 countries. 


What inspired you to start making Hyper Casual games?


We were primarily motivated by the sheer speed it takes to get from the game concept to the players!


How did you begin the relationship of publishing with Kwalee?


We already knew that we had a good game through early testing, but we needed expert guidance. 

Our business advisor at Jay Bird Games strongly recommended working with Kwalee based on his past experiences. 


At the same time, Off the Rails 3D had been on top of the free games charts for more than three weeks so all three of us started conversations in January 2020.

Things moved really quickly and OverTake was released globally within two weeks of the publishing deal being signed.


What’s a single standout benefit of publishing with Kwalee?


For us, the biggest benefit has been working with a team of professionals that already knew the way to the top of the charts.


What has been different about publishing with Kwalee and other publishers in your experience?


Working with Kwalee felt like a more focused and and more intense experience. It helped us go from concept to a published game in record time.


How would you describe the experience of publishing with Kwalee and the Publishing team?


Getting any game to the top of the charts is not a walk in the park. There was a lot of hard work involved. 

But for each step of the way, no matter how late, there was at least one person at Kwalee working alongside us (thank you, Jack!) and keeping us sane as we worked towards our goal together.


Any advice for developers looking to make and publish Hyper Casual games?


Check out a few games from a few top publishers to get a basic idea of their style. Once you find something that resonates with you, get in touch with them and don’t stop until you’re number one!


Would you want to publish another game with Kwalee? And why?


When we come up with our next great game concept, Kwalee surely is on top of our list of publishers to go to. We’ve learned now that they know their business really well!


As an award-winning mobile game publisher, we know what it takes to turn your mobile game into a chart-topping success. Submit and market-test your games through our official Publishing Portal. All you need are a few minutes and a couple of gameplay videos or a simple playable prototype of your mobile game. Follow us on social media (TikTok | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn) to get the latest news on our Gamedev efforts.


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