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  • #1 game in UK, Australia and more
  • #1 game in 'Racing' category in 33 countries
OverTake OverTake

About OverTake

Racing goes mobile as you put the pedal to the metal and speed past everyone in this high-octane traffic-dodging arcade driving game.

Press and hold the screen to boost your car, but keep an eye on your fuel gauge so you don’t overdo it. And remember to look ahead when you’re trying to overtake!

OverTake was the product of an international collaboration between Kwalee and Romanian game development studio Pronetis Games. Our publishing team is always looking for great new games and works with developers from all around the world including Rocket Sky! developer DP Space AG (Russia) and Clean Up 3D developer App Design Company (United Kingdom).

OverTake excited us right from the prototype phase and, following some excellent collaboration between us and the developer, was topping charts all over the world within two weeks of the publishing deal being signed!

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OverTake Features

  • One-tap gameplay

    Play the entire game with just one finger, with progressive difficulty.

  • Progressive difficulty

    Swerve around levels as they grow higher and higher in difficulty

  • Custom content

    Unlock new cars and feel the speed in your fingertips

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