What are Mini Games and More

Mini games have captivated players worldwide for a long time – from retro to the modern day. These bite-sized gaming experiences offer a refreshing break from the main gameplay, becoming a big part of many video games with complex features. This article dives into the essence of what are mini games, what their purpose is, and why everyone finds them so fun.

So what are mini games?

Mini games are small, self-contained challenges packed up within a larger video game. They are called that precisely because of their nature; they’re mini!

Facebook Unity SDK: What Exactly Is It?

Handling SDKs can feel frustrating, and you can bet something will mess up before you scour StackOverflow forums for that lifesaving solution. So if you’re starting out in gamedev and aren’t sure how the Facebook SDK works, this is a good place to start.


Why do I need Facebook SDK in order to launch a test?


7 Steps to Become A Game Developer in 6 Months (Few Talk About #7 Enough!)

Coding your own games… is not as easy as you think! Only the brave and the bold would decide to become a game developer in six months.


So let’s be honest: six months is a daring goal. Unless you’ve had prior experience making interesting software projects, whether as a personal hobby or as a professional, making games is a tough gig that takes a long time to get good at.


Most Game Job Applicants Are Rejected Because They Don’t Do This

So… you decided to work in the games industry. You’ve got everything ready – your projects, your personal website, and your confidence. That’s great! But as the pile of application rejections grow around you, you’re left feeling as if you have a better chance of running for president. ‘Curses!’ you say, as you shake your fist. ‘Why is it so difficult to get a game job in the industry!?’


How can you get paid to play video games

Did you ever get paid to play video games? Have you imagined making money doing so? It seems like a pipe dream, but it’s actually possible.


The games industry has come far in terms of what it can offer to both game developers and its player communities. If you’re looking to make a buck off of gaming, then we have a few suggestions.


Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as ‘easy money’ when doing these jobs. There’s always some expectation to fulfill, some effort to invest, and some time to take.


People Make Kwalee: Emma Green

Kwalee is made up of a diverse bunch of people, and we’re growing all the time! To provide some insight into the multitude of individuals and roles that go into releasing chart-topping games, we’re pulling back the curtain and focusing on the people that make it all happen. Go ahead and explore the full People Make Kwalee archive.

This time, we’re sitting down with Emma, our hard-working Office Manager for the UK office!

What do you do at Kwalee?