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Apprenticeship in Games - Meet Kwalee’s Business Administration Apprentice Lizzy Mulliner

Lizzy, our apprentice in administration, stands in Kwalee's vibrant office space, featuring a TV, pool table, and the iconic yellow Kwalee logo light. She wears a black blazer, embodying dedication to her apprenticeship in games.

Meet Lizzy, our one and (so far) only apprentice here at Kwalee, exploring the world of business administration with an apprenticeship in games. With aspirations inspired by her family and a desire for hands-on experience, Lizzy shares her journey of what it’s like to work here to celebrate Apprenticeship Week.


Lizzy, let's start off by finding out why you wanted to complete an apprenticeship in games?

I've always been surrounded by business administration, my mother and sister are in the field, and seeing my mum build her own executive coaching business inspired me. After a rough time in school, I realised an apprenticeship offers firsthand experience, setting a strong foundation for my future opportunities. I saw this role advertised, and thought being in the games industry would provide me with a new and unique perspective compared to other industries. 


What has been your experience like at Kwalee so far?

I’m early on in my experience of just over three months, but I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Kwalee. Above all, I appreciate working with a great balance of hands-on administration tasks, learning about crucial aspects like policies, and aiming to improve our working environment here at Kwalee by implementing new ideas I've learned through my study. The support at Kwalee has been exceptional. From one-to-one assistance, to positive feedback on assessments, I feel valued and encouraged. The office environment is uplifting, there's a culture of trust and support, where everyone, regardless of position, is respected.


I also really enjoy taking part in Creative Wednesdays and team-building events. The Creative Wednesdays allow me to have an insight into different teams, what they have achieved so far and their objectives. The social events Kwalee offers allows me to make friends all across the business in a fun, relaxed environment.


The only challenge I would say I have faced so far initially, is the age difference. At 19, being the youngest in the company is exciting but I was nervous at the beginning about connecting, or joining in with conversations. However, the friendly atmosphere at Kwalee has made it easier to talk to others about a variety of topics inside and outside of work. Delivering the post has become my favourite time for getting to know people and finding out more about the office culture. I get to chat to people, and they’re friendly and chat back!


 A group of colleagues smiles on a golf course, dressed casually. Amidst the greenery, they foster camaraderie while exemplifying the spirit of apprenticeship in games, forging connections beyond the workplace.

Could you tell us more about the learning opportunities provided during your apprenticeship?

Absolutely, within the apprenticeship I've had the chance to explore various areas, like social media for the company, alongside assessments focusing on ensuring our operations are successful and safe. The online study covering legal, business and other key topics, plus other off the job work like first aid, fire warden and ladder training, have been enriching, offering a great understanding of theoretical and practical business functions. I also have to complete a learning journal - where I will reflect on my entire apprenticeship. The aim of this journal is to record the activities, jobs and extra exposure I have learnt, why I did it, what’s the benefit etc. A key document to look back on to remind me of what I have learnt, and also see how far I have come in my own development.


What are your aspirations for the future, and how has this apprenticeship shaped them?

I aspire to run my own business one day, inspired by my mother's journey as an author and entrepreneur. This apprenticeship is providing me with the skills and confidence to achieve that dream. I want to sit proudly, reflecting on what I've built just like her, being a ‘girl boss’. 


What advice would you give to others considering an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity for those unsure of their career path. It offers a taste of the working world and a great opportunity to gain valuable experience. While it's not easy, the rewards are fulfilling. If you're willing to put in the work and want it, go for it – it's worth it.


In celebrating Apprenticeship Week, Lizzy's journey at Kwalee showcases the invaluable experiences and opportunities awaiting aspiring apprentices. Interested in joining our team? Check out our vacancies and follow us on social media for updates and insights into our dynamic studio culture.

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