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The Gamemasters Summit - Register For The Free Digital Conference For The Mobile Games Industry

This image shows a pixelated light blue and dark blue background with "Gamemasters Summit" title in blue bold, with a playstation control in the middle of 'masters', "powered by Kwalee" underneath in bold white. Logos of sponsors, AppsFlyer and Embrace also present.

The Gamemasters Summit, an exclusive one day online event powered by Kwalee and supported by and AppsFlyer, will soon go live. Taking place on February 21, 2024, this event is a day dedicated to enriching attendees' expertise in mobile game development, publishing and business. This free one-day summit is a gateway to inspiration, education, and valuable networking opportunities. Whether you work in mobile games, or want to, the expert and emerging tracks have a wealth of debate, insights and case studies.


Register Now For the Gamemasters Summit


Gamemasters Summit Key Topics

This digital conference has been created with the objective to unite and empower professionals in the mobile game industry. Those in attendance will be able to get involved with engaging sessions led by industry experts, covering crucial aspects of mobile game development and business, such as:

  • Game Development
  • Careers
  • Marketing
  • User Acquisition
  • AI In Games
  • Data Science 
  • Monetisation
  • Publishing
    …and many more

Specifically designed and tailored for both seasoned professionals and newcomers, the summit features two distinct tracks.


The Expert Track is designed to provide advanced insights and strategic knowledge for experienced professionals, while the Emerging Track focuses on career development and skill acquisition for those new to the industry. Our online event is designed to be the perfect opportunity to connect with industry peers, cultivate relationships, while also benefiting from exclusive case studies and industry insights. 



Harry Lang, Vice President of Marketing: 
"I can’t wait to catch up with mobile games industry friends and competitors alike at the Gamemasters Summit so we can collaborate, learn and explore where the mobile games industry is going in the future. A free event like this epitomises everything great about ​this industry. Everyone’s welcome to join the Summit not just to listen, but to engage, connect, make new friends and have fun".


Chris James, CEO of, said:
“We look forward to working with Kwalee to support this new initiative, which is totally in line with our ongoing mission to educate, celebrate and connect the games industry in the UK and beyond.”

Gamemasters Summit Talks 

During our event, we aim to bring together people with deep knowledge of mobile game development and publishing, which is why our agenda was created for a range of engaging discussions and Q&As with industry leaders leading on topics. Those who join can gain inspiration, discover new pathways and use it as an opportunity for  valuable networking opportunities. Exploring discussion forums, competitions and engaging talks on the latest trends, innovations, and strategies shaping the industry. Here are some of the key topics that will be discussed:


Keynote Panel
(All Tracks)

  • John Wright, VP of Mobile Publishing, Kwalee
  • Javier Castro, Google, Head of EMEA AppDev Gaming
  • Michail Katkoff, Deconstructor of Fun, Founder
  • Adam Smart, AppsFlyer Director of Product Gaming

Our keynote panel, featuring leaders across the games industry, will discuss the trends and big issues shaping the mobile games industry in 2024.
Forging Your Career in Gaming
(Emerging Track) 

  • Hannah McAdam, Kwalee, Talent Acquisition Team Manager
  • Nikita Lord, Grads in Games - Aardvark Swift, Graduate Partnership Manager
  • Aysen Kiratli, Kwalee, Lead Growth Manager

An engaging talk to empower those choosing a career in gaming. Industry experts, including Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development professionals, academics and Kwalee team members will provide insights, practical advice, and a Q&A session for a personalised approach to navigating the industry.

Play By Numbers: Navigating Data Science and AI In Mobile Gaming
(Expert Track)

  • Waqas Khan, Kwalee, Technical Product Manager
  • Chris Lefebvre, ByteBrew, Chief Strategy Office
  • Allison Bilas, GameAnalytics, COO
  • Eberhard Dürrschmid, Golden Whale Productions GmbH, CEO
  • Vera Karpova, devtodev, Product Manager

Dive into the dynamic fusion of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with our expert-level panel discussion. From predictive algorithms to AI-driven player behaviour models, our distinguished panellists will decode the transformative power of numbers and AI in mobile gaming.

Kwalee & Clap Clap: Crafting Five Years of Hit Games
(Expert Track) 

  • John Wright, Kwalee, VP of Mobile Publishing
  • Gabriel Stürmer, 👏 Clap 👏 Clap Games, CEO
  • Tom Cunliffe, Kwalee, Game Lead

John Wright and Gabriel Stürmer will share their insights, real experiences, and strategies behind their successful games. Those who attend can gain valuable perspectives on optimising relationships, exploring expansion opportunities, and maximising collaboration. Whether you're a developer or mobile game enthusiast, this will give you an exclusive look into creating hit games.

Crafting Hits: The Blueprint Unveiled
(Emerging Track) 

  • Simon Platt, Kwalee, Head of Studio (Hybrid)

Industry expert Simon Platt dissects the secrets behind captivating game sensations, covering creative and strategic elements for beginner-level developers. Those attending will be able to gain insights from ideation to execution, learning from experiences, pitfalls, and triumphs. We’ll also explore developing hit games with topics like concept ideation, storytelling, and user engagement strategies. Whether you're an aspiring developer or a gaming enthusiast, this session offers a front-row seat to unravel the blueprint for crafting mobile hits. 


Keynote Speakers 

Javier Castro
Head of EMEA AppDev Gaming

Speaking at: Keynote Industry Talk and Masters of Acquisition: Advanced Strategies Decoded 

Javier holds a B.Sc in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Business. He has gained valuable experience in programming and sales during his time at Oracle and HP.  Eight years ago, Javier gained leadership of the AppDev EMEA Gaming team, where his focus is on supporting mobile gaming studios to acquire profitable and sustainable users. He has now joined Google, dedicating three years to the Google Cloud team. 


Adam Smart
Director of Product Gaming
Apps Flyer
Speaking at: Keynote Industry Talk


Gabriel Stürmer
👏 Clap 👏 Clap Games
Speaking at: Kwalee & Clap Clap: Crafting Five Years of Hit Games

With nearly a decade in mobile games, Gabriel founded Clap Clap Games in 2018, delving into the Hyper Casual business model. Despite initial challenges, their hit game Submarine Jump marked success. The team, now with over 400 prototypes and 30M+ downloads, collaborates with Kwalee on successful titles like Build your Vehicle (2021) and the recent hit, Landlord Simulator. 

Allison Bilas
Speaking at: Play By Numbers: Navigating Data Science and AI in Mobile Gaming

Introducing Allison, a seasoned gaming professional boasting over 10 years of experience in the industry. Throughout her illustrious career, Allison has collaborated with renowned entities such as game studios, publishers, and tech providers (e.g., PopCap Games, Electronic Arts, AWS Game Tech).  Today, as the COO of GameAnalytics, Allison is thrilled to channel her wealth of expertise towards helping game developers thrive. Her passion lies in equipping developers with the necessary insights and data tools to craft exceptional games. 

Vera Karpova
Product Manager
Speaking at: Play By Numbers: Navigating Data Science and AI in Mobile Gaming

With over 10 years of experience in product analytics, Vera has consulted dozens of projects of different genres and monetization models. Today Vera is a Product Owner at devtodev - an analytics platform designed for game developers.


Chris Lefebvre
Chief Strategy Officer
Speaking at: Play By Numbers: Navigating Data Science and AI in Mobile Gaming

Chris Lefebvre, fuelled by a passion for games since his first "Oregon Trail" dysentery death, has a decade of leadership in User Acquisition, Monetisation, Mediation, Publishing, and Analytics. As a mobile game designer/producer with 20+ hit titles, he's shipped over 500M instals, generating tens of millions in revenue. Currently, with ByteBrew, Chris continues championing independent creativity in the mobile game ecosystem, offering free, all-in-one, enterprise-level analytics for developers.


Justin Nield
Creative Solutions Lead
Speaking at: Crafting Impact: Mastering the Ad Creative Lifecycle

Justin is the leader of Creative Solutions at Kayzen, with a fine arts background and over a decade of experience in mobile advertising. Known for pioneering innovations at Liftoff and Vungle, he now drives performance improvement through creative strategies at Kayzen. 

Nikita Lord
Graduate Partnership Manager
Grads in Games - Aardvark Swift
Speaking at: Forging Your Career in Gaming

A professional in recruitment, early careers, and apprenticeships, Nikita supports aspiring students in entering the gaming industry through Grads in Games. Bridging the gap between industry and academia, their role empowers students to showcase their skills and seamlessly transition from student to professional developer. 


Eberhard Dürrschmid
Golden Whale Productions GmbH
Speaking at: Play By Numbers: Navigating Data Science and AI in Mobile Gaming

Eberhard Dürrschmid, founder of the first gaming company, Greentube, in the 90's. Serving as CEO from inception to exit, he is an industry-scale entertainment operations expert, achieving a 9-digit turnover and 40% margin. Currently CEO of Golden Whale Productions GmbH, specialising in Machine Learning and Gaming infrastructure. They automate complex decision-making processes, submitting substantial bottom-line improvements for gaming platforms and developers.

John Wright
VP of Mobile Publishing
Speaking at: Kwalee & Clap Clap: Crafting Five Years of Hit Games

With 15+ years in the mobile industry, John Wright, Vice President of Mobile Publishing here at Kwalee, brings a wealth of experience from roles at ironSource and Luna Labs. Specialising in mobile game user acquisition and monetisation, his focus at Kwalee is to expand global mobile game publishing, supporting developers and advancing Kwalee's standing in the industry. 

Simon Platt
Head of Studio (Hybrid)
Speaking at: Crafting Hits: The Blueprint Unveiled

With a games career spanning over 13 years, Simon began in QA at Codemasters, evolving into game design and development. With 9 years here at Kwalee, their creative freedom has spawned hits like TENS!, Draw It, Airport Security, and Go Fish!, accumulating over 1 billion installs. 


Tom Bromwich
Head of Learning and Development
Attending: Forging Your Career in Gaming

Tom Bromwich is our Learning & Development professional with over 10 years of experience. His current passion revolves around assisting individuals in unlocking their true potential and shaping meaningful careers. With a diverse background in sectors such as Retail, Music, and the Games Industry, he provides a unique perspective, shares lessons learned, and offers insights about career development from various industries.

Tom Cunliffe
Game Lead
Attending: Kwalee & Clap Clap: Crafting Five Years of Hit Games and Game Publishing Unveiled: Strategies for Emerging Developers

Tom is a Game Lead here at Kwalee in the Mobile Publishing division, involved in exciting prospects within the Hybrid Casual product model, collaborating with talented internal teams and third-party studios. With several years of experience in mobile publishing, they have conceptualised, discovered, and launched multiple games.

Cecilia Fadul
Senior Manager of Ad Monetisation
Attending: Monetisation Mastery: Navigating Trends in Expert Mobile Game Economics

Working with Monetisation for eight years, Cecilia started in the industry at a Brazilian company, focused on casual games and moved to Kwalee about three years ago, to lead the Ad Monetisation team. 

This is a flavour of the wide range of talks and panels taking place at the Gamemasters Summit. There will also be discussion forums, competitions and much more to look forward to. For more information about the Gamemasters Summit and to register for free for the event, please visit How did Gamemasters Summit come about? Find out here. 

Passionate minds of Kwalee, delivering captivating insights for gamers and developers alike.

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