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Discover the Latest Wildmender Excitements: Exclusive Game Merchandise and Community Updates

Discover the Latest Wildmender Excitements: Exclusive Game Merchandise and Community Updates

Here at Kwalee, in collaboration with the independent game development studio, Muse Games, we can still recall the momentous launch of Wildmender on September 28th, 2023. This enchanting game, available on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, has been on an upward climb, growing in popularity and players consistently since its launch. Our journey with Wildmender has been nothing short of exciting, and now we're eager to unveil the latest developments and game merchandise for all Wildmender fans everywhere...


Wildmender has captivated gamers globally, with wishlists numbering in the hundreds of thousands. In the two short months since its launch, the game has seen remarkable community growth too. The Discord community, for instance, has expanded by an impressive 84%, now boasting over 4,000 members. Similarly, the Steam community has seen an 86% surge, with over 18,500 members now onboard. But the growth isn't limited to these platforms alone – across all other social platforms, Wildmender's community has grown by more than 30%. These statistics reflect the game's overwhelming enthusiasm of players worldwide who have embraced Wildmender. 

Wildmender merchandise. Image shows a green tshirt. On the tshirt is a circle with a graphic of the Wildmender game scene and the main character sitting next to a stream, looking up at a friendly spirit.



“Why did the pangolin roll with excitement?”

“Because the Wildmender game merchandise ‘rolled’ onto the scene!”


We are as excited as a pangolin with an ant farm, as we announce the launch of our Wildmender merchandise! We've introduced fantastic designs for this collection, the striking Wildmender circle of nature, seasonal favourites and many more to come. 

It's a fantastic opportunity to showcase your love for Wildmender and its captivating world through our thoughtfully crafted merchandise. So, whether you're looking for something to wear or cherish, (or if you are looking for a gift for Christmas) our new merchandise offers a delightful way to express your connection with the game. Don't miss out on this chance - get your merchandise today! 


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Wildmender characters waving at the camera to say thank you. There is text as well saying Thank you in capital letters.




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