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Milly Peace

Milly embarked on her marketing journey in the corporate world, igniting her passion for writing. Outside of Kwalee, she's a fitness enthusiast, devoted to her Labrador, and a fierce gamer.

The Kwalee Approach to Dogs in the Office

Discover why dogs in the office aren't just a trend, but a strategic move embraced worldwide. Boost productivity, foster relationships, and create a pet-friendly workplace culture.

Pet Power in Action at Kwalee

In households across the globe, pets have secured a cherished spot as valued family members. From loyal dogs to independent cats, and an array of creatures in between, our pet’s power of affection knows no bounds. Let us introduce you to some vital members of the Kwalee team - our pets who accompany us in one of our games studios and pop up on our Zoom calls!  


Women in Games with Jen Flannery

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, the face of gaming is undergoing a transformative shift as women make their mark. Whether through the games industry or as gaming influencers, women are more prominent than ever in the workforce and the games media.

Can you get paid to play video games?

In this modern era where video games are a widespread pastime, the thought of getting paid to spend our time in this activity may seem like a distant fantasy. However, the games industry is constantly evolving as we know it, presenting opportunities for both developers and players alike to monetise their passion. While there are options of earning money through gaming, it's essential to understand that such options demand effort, time, and commitment. Let’s explore possible avenues for those intrigued by the possibility of turning a gaming hobby into a source of income.


Couch Co-op Games vs Online, You Decide!

Relive the nostalgia of Friday nights with couch co-op on the PlayStation 1 versus the modern online multiplayer experience. Which gaming style truly reigns supreme for fun with friends?

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