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Pet Power in Action at Kwalee

Yellow background with images representing Pet Power. A red fox Labrador splashing through the sea, a Scottish Ragdoll cat holding hairbands in its mouth, and two affectionate cats cuddling and gazing at the camera. Each animal embodies the energy and charm of pets, showcasing their unique personalities.

In households across the globe, pets have secured a cherished spot as valued family members. From loyal dogs to independent cats, and an array of creatures in between, our pet’s power of affection knows no bounds. Let us introduce you to some vital members of the Kwalee team - our pets who accompany us in one of our games studios and pop up on our Zoom calls!  


Do Pets Impact Our Mental and Physical Health? 

According to Forbes, a staggering “66% of U.S. households (86.9 million homes) own a pet.” Similarly, in England, PDSA reported that “53% of UK adults own a pet” whether they are of the furry or scaly kind. But why are these percentages so high? A recent survey conducted by Statista shed some light on the huge positive impact pets have on our mental well-being, revealing that around “87% of dog owners stated that owning a pet made them mentally healthier.” More reasons that they benefit us mentally and physically from Animal Friends range from keeping us fit, making us feel safe, providing companionship and even boosting our immune systems!


Regardless of the species or the specific reasons behind pet ownership, the resounding sentiment is adoration (hence the title pet power.) We love pets in games (bonus points when you can pet them) such as the brave warrior cat Chisai in the unique stop-motion game The Spirit of the Samurai.

Here at Kwalee, where even our Leamington Spa office embraces a dog-friendly welcome, we understand the vital role pets play in our lives. We first created a dog-friendly policy in 2021, and unofficially named it ‘Such Policy. Many Dog. Yay.’ To celebrate the diverse array of pets that bring joy, comfort, and companionship to our Kwalee teams, I reached out to our pet lovers to share their best furry friends with you, and why they are so special to them. Without further ado, let's introduce some pet power with these beloved members of the Kwalee family below. 

Kwalee Pet Power Gallery 


"A vibrant red fox Labrador, adorned with a red harness, exudes Pet Power as it joyfully runs through ocean waves with a tennis ball in its mouth, maintaining eye contact with the camera. The image captures the sheer vitality and enthusiasm of this energetic pet in its natural element."

Name: Joey
Age: 4 Years Old
Belongs to: Milly, Copywriter and Editor of the Kwalee Blog

Let's begin with Joey, the energetic four-year-old Red Fox Labrador in the Brand Marketing team. With a passion for chicken, vanilla yogurt, and scrambled eggs his belly is always full. Alongside food, Joey's heart also belongs to tennis balls, his ultimate joy. A warrior of multiple surgeries for hip dysplasia at just one-year-old, he's a Labrador with a resilient spirit. Joey's love for water knows no bounds, whether it's a pond, river, or bathtub, he's a true water pup. 


"Inspiring Pet Power split image: A grey cat confidently gazes at the camera on one side, embodying elegance and poise. On the other side, a spaniel rests in serene bliss amidst woodland, eyes closed and tongue out, radiating joy and contentment. Together, they exemplify the diverse charm and charisma of pets."

Name: Bella (Left) & Billie (right) 
Age: Bella, 11 years. Billie 3.5 years 
Belongs to: Jess, Senior Games Designer

Meet Bella, the 11-year-old Egyptian Mau cat, a cheese and chicken connoisseur with a passion for hairbands. She's been a loyal companion to Jess since their 16th birthday, always by her side, even joining them on dog walks around the village. Next up is Billie, the 3.5-year-old working Cocker Spaniel, who adores peanut butter, carrots and chews. Affectionate and joyful, she's Jess’s little "hippo" who spends hours in water, and accompanies Jess on campervan trips and long hikes, spreading love wherever she goes.


"Embodying Pet Power, a majestic spaniel stands atop a rustic brown bench outdoors, wind tousling its fur as it gazes pensively into the distance, hinting at adventures ahead. The scenic backdrop suggests an invigorating hike on a hill, evoking the spirit of exploration and companionship with nature."

Name: Koda
Age: 3 years old 
Belongs to: Luke, Game Artist

Say hello to Koda, the adventurous 3-year-old working Cocker Spaniel. With a palate for chicken, sausage, and cheese, he thrives on bones and tug-of-war ropes. Koda is Luke and his partner's first dog together. Incredibly smart and very energetic, he conquered a mountain at just 4 months old, he has also defied typical spaniel expectations by being one of the rare few who dislikes water.


"Exuding Pet Power, a Scottish Ragdoll cat perches on a chair, captivating the viewer with wide-eyed innocence. Caught in a playful moment, the mischievous feline holds a hairband in its mouth, embodying charm and spontaneity. The image radiates the irresistible allure and personality of our beloved pets."

Name: Mabel 
Age: 2.5 years old
Belongs to: Adam, Events Manager
This fabulous feline is Mabel, a delightful 2.5-year-old Scottish Fold Ragdoll cat who belongs to Adam. With a taste for beef and cheese treats, her heart belongs to hair bobbles and bouncy balls. Mabel is not only the most talkative and affectionate feline companion but also an enthusiastic playtime partner, bringing joy to the home office and even participating in Zoom calls.

"In a powerful display of Pet Power, a black Labrador crossbreed captivates with a direct gaze into the camera, lying comfortably on its back. The close-up shot reveals the depth of expression in the canine's eyes, radiating warmth, loyalty, and companionship, inviting a connection with the viewer."
Name: Toby Wan Kenobi 
Age: 6 years old 
Belongs to: Meredith, Motion Designer (PC & Console)

May the force be with our next dog, Toby Wan Kenobi. A cheeky 6-year-old Black Labrador Crossbreed and proud rescue, who has endured a challenging past, Toby's journey is a testament to resilience. From seeing him grow in confidence and witnessing his daily transformation, Meredith explained how watching his personality shine is truly heartwarming. Toby's unpredictable charm adds a delightful touch to his home, as he finds joy in walks and strategically seeks comforting head scratches, providing a constant reminder of the healing power of love and second chances.

"Meet Sulley, the charismatic 5-year-old Shepherd Sheepdog, embodying Pet Power as a devoted companion. Enthusiastic about melon and banana treats, he exudes playfulness with a love for balls and ropes. Sulley's endearing nature shines as he offers toys when Cecilia coughs or sneezes, showcasing his sweetness and loyalty."

Name: James P Sullivan (Sully) 
Age: 5 years old
Belongs to: Cecilia, Senior Manager of Ad Monetisation

Sulley, the 5-year-old Shepherd Sheepdog and faithful companion. Enthusiastic about melon and banana treats, he's a playful spirit who loves balls and ropes. Sulley is not just a partner in crime, he's also incredibly sweet, offering his toys when Cecilia coughs or sneezes. Interestingly, he's not a fan of the British accent… His name pays homage to the beloved character from Monsters, Inc., (one of the best movies ever in Cecilia’s opinion!)

Name: Link
Age: 5 years old 
Belongs to: Jen, Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Here is Link, a 5-year-old Moggy cat. With a taste for chicken and an obsession with anything on a string, Link oozes charm and sassiness. Although not a lap cat, he keeps Jen company while they work. Surviving two car accidents with just a concussion and a broken tooth, Link's resilience shines. His funny interests include an obsession with pears, showcasing his eccentric feline personality. Link's hunting adventures range from mice and frogs, to quirky still items, like an empty crisp bag and a clothes peg. We’re unsure if he’s destined to be the next Marvel superhero just yet...


"Introducing Belmondo, the charming 4.5-year-old mixed breed cat, blending Persian and European Shorthair traits with Pet Power. Their love for chicken fillet treats and playful antics with squeaky mice highlight their endearing personality. Belmondo's affectionate nature shines as they cuddle with their owner while demonstrating impressive leash-walking skills and paw-giving abilities."

Name: Belmondo 
Age: 4.5 years old 
Belongs to: Sabína, Associate Product Manager

Meet Belmondo, a delightful 4-and-a-half-year-old mixed-breed cat (part Persian, part European Shorthair). They adore chicken fillet treats and occasionally sneaky bites of salad. Belmondo's favourite pastime is playing with a squeaky mouse or any toy adorned with feathers. Belmondo is incredibly affectionate, choosing to cuddle up on their owner while they work and eagerly waiting at the door upon her return. They have mastered the art of walking on a leash, enjoying outdoor adventures with a keen interest in flowers. Impressively, they can give a paw, adding an extra layer of charm to their delightful personality.

"Introducing Ginger, a vibrant 6-month-old Beagle puppy, radiating Pet Power in every playful moment. His enthusiasm for rope toys and tennis balls is contagious, bringing joy to his owner Jahnavi, a Talent Acquisition Business Partner. Ginger's affectionate nature shines as he cuddles on laps and eagerly awaits playtime, yet his mischievous streak emerges with a persistent bark for rescued toys under the sofa, adding charm to his irresistible personality."

Name: Ginger 
Age: 6 months 
Belongs to: Jahnavi, Talent Acquisition Business Partner

And finally, meet the gorgeous Ginger, a 6-month-old Beagle puppy. His joy knows no bounds as he indulges in anything and everything. With a love for rope toys and tennis balls, Ginger's playfulness is infectious. When Jahnavi returns home after a long day, he gathers his favourite toys for playtime, and his sweet habit of sitting on her lap and sleeping brings warmth to their moments together. However, Ginger's playful nature extends to a persistent bark of demand if a cherished toy finds its way under the sofa… demanding a rescue mission until it is recovered!

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting more of the team at Kwalee! If people are more your thing, you can meet our VP of Marketing and Head of Mobile Publishing, or Adam and Carla, flying the flag for our Motion Design team. Our culture is uniquely vibrant and fun, from the pets of Kwalee to the creative environment, so find out more if you’re interested in a new games industry career challenge.

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Milly embarked on her marketing journey in the corporate world, igniting her passion for writing. Outside of Kwalee, she's a fitness enthusiast, devoted to her Labrador, and a fierce gamer.

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